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Master Roshi gameplay guide for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Welcome to our first, of hopefully many, gameplay guides for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Today we’re covering the newest DLC character, who just released on September 18 for everyone alongside the new balance update, Master Roshi. In this guide, we will give a general overview of the character and then go into his important normal moves, specials, supers, assists, and some tips on team synergy. There is a lot to cover with this character so let’s get started.

(For those unfamiliar with numerical fighting game notation, please check out this handy guide from Dustloop so you can follow along https://www.dustloop.com/guides/bbcs2/systemGuide/notation.html)


Master Roshi is easily the most difficult-to-use technical character in the entire game. He is definitely not a character for beginner players. Roshi functions more like a traditional fighting game character with multiple combo routes and options in any given scenario. Characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ are often criticized for being too simple or straightforward. Master Roshi is the complete opposite, however, and we’ll get into why soon.

The first and most important thing to know about Master Roshi is that he has no super dash. Every character in the game can perform a high-speed homing dash used for getting close to the opponent and following up air combos. In the canon of Dragon Ball, Master Roshi cannot fly. He can’t have a super dash, but for DBFZ, which relies on high mobility, Roshi instead has a multitude of leaping moves. When this information was first discovered, people were afraid that he would suffer the same fate as Videl. Videl has no standard reflect, and this severely hampers her viability. The difference between Videl and Master Roshi, however, is that the latter has a plethora of tools and gimmicks to make up for his lack of a super dash, which we will discuss later on.

Roshi’s arsenal of mobility-based maneuvers also means that he has many ways to mix up the opponent, even without an assist. It makes sense that, in a series full of beings who can wipe out entire planets by sneezing, Master Roshi has to work extra hard to keep up. But in the capable hands of a knowledgeable player, Master Roshi can feel unstoppable.

First up on the next page are Roshi’s normal moves.

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