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Genshin Impact: Where To Get Fowl

Genshin Impact is getting massively popular these days and players around the world are enjoying the fantasy journey it offers. There are many items that you need to keep an eye out for like apples, radish, raw meat etc. There’s also the Fowl in Genshin Impact which is a cooking ingredient and as you know, cooking food and eating it can heal you. That’s why knowing where to get Fowl in Genshin Impact is crucial but don’t worry, we’ll explain all of it in this guide. Also learn how to farm Fowl and the locations where you can find it easily.

How to Farm Fowl in Genshin Impact

Visit this location to farm Fowls


To get Fowl, you need to kill wild birds and by complete expeditions. You can find the birds in the wild while exploring the vast world. To put it simply, when you hunt birds near water bodies, they will drop Fowl in Genshin Impact. So head towards those locations on the map where you see lakes or beaches that have birds.

Since they might fly away, you have to ensure that you use a bow to kill them before they fly off. You can do this by either equipping one or by changing to a character who uses it. Once you have slayed them, swim towards them (if they’re in water) to collect the Fowl.

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How to Use Fowl

You can use Fowl in multiple cooking recipes like Jueyun Chili Chicken, Squirrel Fish, Sweet Madame and more. Here’s the amount needed and other ingredients in those recipes.

Smoked Fowl

Chicken-Mushroom Skewer

Sweet Madame

Jueyun Chili Chicken

  • 2 Fowl
  • 1 Jueyun Chili
  • 1 Pepper

Squirrel Fish

  • 4 Fowl
  • 2 Tomato
  • 2 Flour
  • 1 Sugar

So, that’s everything on where to get Fowl in Genshin Impact, farm it and use it. For more such resource guides, don’t miss our Genshin Impact guides on Gamer Tweak. Read about how to get Mora, where to find skirmishers, how to get Rust Bow and more.

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