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How To Farm Anemo And Geo Sigils In Genshin Impact

Sigils are a form of currency in Genshin Impact that allows players to buy certain useful items. There are two types of Sigils you will find in the game, Anemo Sigils and Geo Sigils. In this guide, we will discuss how to farm both Anemo and Geo Sigils in Genshin Impact and also how to use them.

Genshin Impact: How to Get Anemo Sigils

You can get Anemo Sigils in Genshin Impact in three different ways. These three ways are:

Opening Chests

You will find several types of chests scattered across the world of Teyvat. Simply open these chests and you can get Anemo Sigils from them. The amount of Sigils depends on the type of chests. However, you will certainly get one from each chest.

Ranking up Statues of the Seven

Ranking up Statues of the Seven is more of a slower way of farming Anemo Sigils in Genshin Impact. That’s because you will first have to find Anemoculus locations and farm them to be able to rank up the statues. You can refer to our all Anemoculus locations guide to quickly get your hands on some Anemoculus.

Anemouculus can only be used to rank up the statues in the city of Mondstadt. Once you have Anemoculus, upgrade the Statues of the Seven and you will be rewarded with Anemo Sigils.

Entering Mondstadt Expedition

You get rewards for sending your character to the Mondstadt expedition. One of the many rewards you get is Anemo Sigils.

Genshin Impact: Where to Use Anemo Sigils

You can use Anemo Sigils to purchase items available at the Souvenir Shop in Mondstadt. Remember that you can use Anemo Sigils only in Mondstadt’s Souvenir shop because the shop in Liyue requires Geo Sigils for purchases.

You can also use Anemo Sigils on several character ascension materials. In fact, it is one of the best ways to use Anemo Sigils because some of the ascension materials are unlocked only after reaching a certain Adventure Rank.

Similar to character ascension, Anemo Sigils can also be used for purchasing weapon ascension materials. It is best to purchase these ascension materials if you are in need of something that you haven’t unlocked to farm yet.

Another use of Anemo Sigils in Genshin’s Impact is to get Memory of Roving Gales. This item allows you to unlock Constellations for Anemo characters.

Genshin Impact: How to Get Geo Sigils

You can get Anemo Sigils in Genshin Impact in four different ways. These four ways are:

how to get geo sigils in genshin impact

Opening Treasure Chests

Similar to Anemo Sigils, you can get Geo Sigils by opening chests. However, this time you will get it only from treasurer chests guarded by the Geo god. You cannot find them in any common chests scattered across Teyvat.

Worshipping the Statues of the Seven

First, farm enough amount of Geoculus. If you have trouble finding them, refer to our all Geoculus locations guide. Once you have the Geoculus, use them to worship the statues in the Liyue region. With each rank up the statues will give you a certain amount of Geo Sigils.

Investigating Rock Clusters

You can also farm Geo Sigils in Genshin Impact by investigating rock clusters on the top of mountains. The only thing that you need to ensure here is that the mountains you are exploring should be guarded by Geo god.

Entering Liyue Expedition

You will earn Geo Sigils by sending your character to the Liyue expedition. There will also be other rewards for entering and completing the Liyue expedition.

Genshin Impact: Where to Use Geo Sigils

You can use Geo Sigils to purchase items from the Souvenir Shop in the Liyue Harbor region. If you are looking in the Mondstadt based Souvenir shop, you won’t be able to use Geo Sigils, instead, you will require Anemo Sigils as mentioned earlier.

Similar to Anemo Sigils, you can use Geo Sigils to get Constellation activating items. It allows you to activate items for Geo characters.

That’s everything you need to know about how to farm Anemo and Geo Sigils in Ginshin Impact. You might also need to learn several other things to progress quickly in the game. Refer to some of the guides mentioned below to progress quickly in Genshin Impact.

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