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WoW Shadowlands Best DPS Classes to Deal Extreme Damage

One of the main elements that keep World of Warcraft alive through all of these years is the constant updates in different parts of the game. Besides the attractive customizing mounts in the Battle.net store, there are other ways to change the “World.” First of all, you have the opportunity to explore more exciting maps. Furthermore, you could look for more quests with additional NPCs (Non-Playable Characters). Or even find new Dungeons or Raids to examine and clear. Still, to keep the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) from falling, the developers tend to “refresh” old content. For example, in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion, they made significant changes to the leveling system. At the same time, we have the opportunity to check exciting modifications to the available classes. Indeed, when substantial changes like these happen, the WoW Shadowlands Best DPS tends to change.

Most noteworthy, if you want to become the best “damage dealer” in your group of friends or guild, you should consider the best possibilities available. Besides the armor level requirements for mythic dungeons and raids, there are some other options to consider. On the one hand, you have the type of damage (ranged or melee), which affects your movement in a fight. In contrast, though, meaningful changes in different skills and passives may help you even further.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best option available at the moment in World of Warcraft. At the same time, we’ll give your meaningful alternatives to help your group deal damage over Shadowlands. You might also want to check out how to prepare for WoW Shadowlands for more helpful information.

Bringing the Best DPS to a Party in WoW Shadowlands

If you’re unfamiliar with the DPS (Damage per Second) role in any video game in the market, do not worry, we’ll discuss this even further. Overall, a DPS means that you deal as much damage as possible to the enemy units before they destroy your party. Simultaneously, in video games like WoW, you have other roles that help you achieve that goal.

For example, you’ll probably see other players with the “tank” and “healer” icons when you join a dungeon. First of all, you have the tank that goes forward first, letting the enemy target him/her first and receive all the damage. Secondly, you have the healer that keeps the tank alive or the DPSs if needed.

Now you, as a DPS, need to focus on erasing the enemy’s health bar as soon as possible. To reach this goal, it is recommendable that you know how your abilities work. Furthermore, the more knowledge you have in making combos and play around cooldowns, the better.

In theory, the WoW Shadowlands Best DPS can be more effective than the rest of the classes in achieving this goal. The player needs to be familiar with the different specialization, ability combo, and passives to reach this status. Once you have everything sorted out, you’ll see the potential in your hands as you destroy dungeons and raids with the most challenging difficulties.

How to Achieve WoW Shadowlands Best DPS

In the current patch, the WoW Shadowlands Best DPS goes to the Mage. Indeed, it seems that when Shadowlands arrives in the servers, they tend to give ranged DPS a little hand (mostly). Above all, using the “magician” archetype isn’t easy. Hence, if you’re a new player in WoW, this may take some time to understand the gameplay mechanics.

One of the terms that clearly describes a Mage is the “Glass Cannon.” In other words, they tend to do a lot of damage to the enemy, but they can quickly die if you’re not careful. As a result, if you’re planning on leveling “solo,” going through the World with a Mage may become too challenging. Sometimes, even if you “aggro” (threat) three different mobs, this will become fatal.

Additionally, they tend to have an activated ability for anything that you could imagine. First of all, you have the skills that focus on doing as much damage as possible to a single target. Secondly, you have AOE (Area of Effect) abilities that throw spells in an area. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to control the battlefield with “crowd control” spells. Last but least, if everything looks “dire,” you also get the chance to “disappear” from the fight.

Overall the Mages are enjoyable to use in World Warcraft and give lots of tools to control and damage the enemy units. It may look complicated at first, but once you know when to use 10(+) spells at the right time, you’ll dominate the dungeon or raid.

Additional Options for Increasing DPS

Besides the Mages in World of Warcraft, you could also do a lot of damage with the next Classes:

  • Rogue: Do a lot of critical damage as you “backstab” your enemies in different dungeons and raids. Additionally, you can even “steal” some gold and increase your in-game currency by playing with Rogues. Even though this Class tends to be melee, it is reliable in the most challenging parts of World of Warcraft.
  • Warlock: Curse and invoke demons with the different spells that this Class has in its repertoire. Depending on your specialization, you could slowly “burn” everything that crosses your way or pulverize a target with meteorites.
  • Hunter: The best Class to go solo in World of Warcraft is also a contender for one of the best damage dealers. Land some critical arrows (shots) to the enemy or use a pet’s aid to erase any boss’s health bar.

Frequent Asked Questions about WoW Shadowlands Best DPS

What is a DPS in World of Warcraft?

A DPS (Damage per Second) is a class (or specialization) that tends to deal the most damage in the party. In other words, you tend to kill stuff fast.

Which is the WoW Shadowlands Best DPS?

At the moment, the highest DPS is the Mage Class in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Is the Mage the Best Option from the Entire Expansion?

Sadly no, the developers tend to make quick changes as they add more elements to the game. Therefore, another Class may take first place after a while.

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