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Epic to Give $1M in Fortnite Super Cup on Nov. 21 – The Esports Observer|home of essential esports business news and insights

Epic Games announced the end of its Fortnite event Marvel Knockout Super Series with a final tournament on Nov. 21. Being part of the Epic’s official Fortnite competitive scene, the $1M Super Cup, as the name says, has a total prize pool of $1M USD to be awarded to the best players worldwide.

According to the official rules available on Epic Games’ website, the competition will be split into several different regions. The 500 best players from Europe will receive prizes from $600 to $4K, the top 250 from North America – East will be awarded from $750 to 3.5K, and the 100 best North America – West and Brazil will receive prizes between $750 and $3K. The top 75 from Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania regions will be awarded from $400 to 2.5K. In-game prizes, such as items and bonuses, will also be awarded.

The event is open to any player who has a regular Fortnite account and enough rank in-game to register. It is set to be disputed in duos and is open to be broadcast on streaming platforms by other channels outside of Epic’s official ones. 

The $1M Super Cup is the final event of a circuit of Marvel-themed tournaments that has happened since the release of the new Fortnite season in September, named Marvel Knockout Super Series. The entire prize pool is an investment by Epic Games, without relying on sponsorships, as TEO learned earlier this year.

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