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Warrior Torghast Anima Powers Full List – Expert Game Reviews

Bladed Bulwark 
 Ignore Pain has a 20% chance to cast  Die by the Sword (Arms),  Enraged Regeneration (Fury) or  Shield Wall (Protection).

Bloodstained Whetstone 
The damage of  Whirlwind and  Thunder Clap is increased by 30%.

Brawler’s Brass Knuckles 
Rage generation increased by 20%.

Champion’s Decree 
Breaking an Ashen Phylactery increases the damage of your next  Slam or  Revenge by 5%. This effect stacks 100 times.

Edge of Hatred 
The damage of  Mortal Strike Rampage, and  Shield Slam are increased by 20%.

Fan of Longswords 
 Mortal Strike Rampage Shield Slam has a 33% chance to cast  Whirlwind.

Gibbering Skull 
Getting hit has a 10% chance to grant you  Ignore Pain.

Hurricane Heart 
You heal for 50% of the damage dealt by  Whirlwind and  Thunder Clap

Misshapen Mirror 
 Spell Reflection lasts 200% longer, and applies to your party.

Ogundimu’s Fist
 Pummel knocks the target away and stuns them for 4 sec.

Periapt of Furor 
 Berserker Rage lasts 100% longer and also causes your party members to go berserk.

Pleonexian Command 
 Victory Rush takes 5 Phantasma from the target.

Your abilities cost no Rage for 1.5 min after choosing this power.

Resonant Throatbands 
Enemies affected by any of your Shouts take 20% increased damage from all sources.

Scratched Knife 
Your first  Shattering Throw on a floor deals 10000% increased damage, and shatters an Anima Cell from the target.

Shadehound Tooth 
The cooldown of  Mortal Strike Bloodthirst Shield Slam is reduced by 25%.

Shrieking Flagon
Protection Whirlwind and  Thunder Clap pull 3 random enemies within 20 yds to you.
Arms, Fury Whirlwind pulls 3 random enemies within 20 yds to you.

Signet of Tormented Kings 
Activating  Bladestorm (or  Ravager),  Recklessness, or  Avatar randomly casts one of the other two abilities.

Singing Stones 
The duration of one of your Shouts is increased by 500%. Which Shout these Singing Stones affect is revealed when this power is selected.
Singing Stones of Unnerving  Demoralizing Shout lasts 500% longer.
Singing Stones of Terror  Piercing Howl Shout lasts 500% longer.
Singing Stones of Bravery  Challenging Shout lasts 500% longer.
Singing Stones of Intimidation  Intimidating Shout lasts 500% longer.
Singing Stones of Courage  Rallying Cry lasts 500% longer.
Singing Stones of Battle  Battle Shout lasts 500% longer.

Smoldering Inertia 
 Charge and  Heroic Leap increase your damage done by 200% for 4 sec.

Soulwrought Studs 
Your Armor and Block value are increased by 10%.

Spattered Soles 
Striking a Mawrat with  Charge or  Heroic Leap instantly kills the Mawrat and resets the cooldown of the ability.

Succulent Carpaccio 
 Ignore Pain absorbs additional damage equal to 10% of your maximum health.

Thundering Roar 
Your Shouts last 100% longer.

Umbral Ear Trumpet 
Your Shouts cause you to yell another, random Shout.

Unbound Fortitude 
Soul Remnant’s Blessing increases the duration of  Die by the Sword Enraged Regeneration, and  Shield Wall by 10% per application.
Soul Remnant’s Blessing is obtained from releasing Souls inside Torghast

Voracious Culling Blade 
 Execute’s damage is increased by 100%. Casting  Execute 30 times allows you to use it at any time, regardless of the target’s health.

Warlord’s Resolve 
The cooldown of  Die by the Sword Enraged Regeneration Last Stand is reduced by 80%.

Zovaal’s Warbanner 
The duration of  Bladestorm Avatar and  Recklessness are increased by 40%.

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