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Voodoo’s portfolio saw over two billion downloads in 2020 | Pocket Gamer.biz

French mobile games giant Voodoo saw two billion downloads across its portfolio in 2020.

Furthermore, the developer and publisher saw 300 million monthly average users across its many titles on average.

Moreover, Voodoo surpassed 4.4 billion lifetime downloads across its library, which is filled with more than 100 games. Impressively, the company’s games have been played in every country.

Back in February, Voodoo experienced the most downloads out of every mobile games firm. Moreover, it picked up 529 million downloads in Q3 alone.

This year, Voodoo expanded its footprint in the APAC region as it opened new offices. Moreover, the company received a minor investment from Chinese tech giant Tencent.

Most recently, Voodoo snapped up Paris-based developer OHM Games.

Important year

“Voodoo has made incredible strides throughout 2020, thanks to our expert team and industry-leading publishing platform that has combined to create a landmark year for us all,” said Voodoo co-founder and CEO Alexandre Yazdi.

“As Voodoo continues to expand, we are determined to achieve our ambition of entertaining the world, and will do so with our invaluable partnerships alongside our unending ambition to reinvent mobile games for the better.

“We eagerly anticipate unveiling our plans for 2021, which is set to be another record-breaking year.”

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