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Dota 2 Resolutions for 2021 – DOTABUFF

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reconnect with our goals for Dota 2. Whether it’s achieving a new tier of play in ranked, finding the fun of the game again, or maybe finally learning how to micro well, Dota 2’s depth means there’s always something more for its players to reach toward.

The team here at Dotabuff (and our sister site, TrackDota) have come together to offer up our Dota 2 resolutions for 2021:

Kieran, Product Manager
My Dota resolution for 2021 is to never buy BKB in unranked games. Frankly, the item is a crutch, and anyone who buys it is a tryhard. MMR on the line? Fine. But the sanctity of my unranked experience will remain pure, and dagons, sheeps, and stuns be damned, I’ll simply outplay you.

Donnie, Writer
My resolution for Dota in 2021 is to figure out a super funky build that actually works and populate it into the player base. I hope to ruin as many pubs as possible without my behavior score dipping at all.

Matty, Writer
My resolution is to set aside my morals and force myself to spam whatever hero is broken in this patch – once we eventually work out who that is. I didn’t play a single game of Superman-Sven in 7.27 but now I’m ready to sell my soul for some sweet, precious MMR. After that, I’ll retire to a quiet life of playing techies in unranked.

Jack, Writer
My resolution is to try and learn how to play other roles instead of the ones that I’m most comfortable with. I generally just play position three and four but have been wanting to learn a lot about positions five and one as well.

Kenneth, Writer
Although I’m a hard support player in stacks, I want to put more time into carry solo queue in 2021. Razor and Wraith King aren’t looking so hot in 7.28, so I want to learn more mechanically complex carries like Morphling or Ember Spirit. Also, I resolve to use the Mute function more. It’s there for a reason!

Kenny, Writer
This year, I want to add more fun and unique heroes to my pool. First, I’d love to Visage because I already play all the birds (Phoenix and Winter Wyvern) and it is a hero not too many people play. If I could be the Avian Lord of my group of friends, that would be my resolution. Another fun and unique hero I would love to play is Io, The hero is so interesting and really fits my supportive playstyle. Not to mention I have a stack full of carry players who are willing to try it with me.

Chelsea, Content Strategist
My Dota resolutions for 2021 are to play more games than I did in 2020 and to think carefully about item builds so I understand what I’m buying and why. Time to put all of these Dotabuff articles to work!

Tim “KawaiiSocks”, Writer
For the last several years my Dota-related New Year Resolution was always something along the lines of reaching Immortal, or reaching 6k MMR. This year, it is going to be the opposite. I want to return to the good old days of when I could play Dota all day long without worry or care for the world. I am not going to analyze every single game I play or try to constantly search for a new OP combo; Fun is going to be the number one priority, so, basically, I am downshifting.

What are your resolutions for 2021? Please share them with us in the comments so we can cheer you on this year.

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