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AC Valhalla: Yule Festival Build A Brewery

The Settlement in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a pretty important part of your journey and there’s a lot you can build like the Barracks, the Cattle Farm and Shipyard more. If you don’t already have a Brewery in your settlement, then don’t worry, this quick guide will show you how to Build a Brewery in AC Valhalla with the right location. This will help you start the Yule Festival side quest called The Case of the Missing Ale.

How to Build a Brewery in AC Valhalla?

There are a few conditions that you have to fulfill to build a brewery in AC Valhalla. You need to have a minimum settlement level of level 2 and you also need 600 Supplies and 45 Raw Materials. The location of the Brewery sign is opposite to the burning pyre in the settlement. So simply look for the tent near the bonfire in case you get a wrong location on the map due to a glitch.


Players have traveled all the way to the buggy checkpoint to only get a cursed village. But the actual Brewery location is in your settlement itself across the stream from the pyre. Hence, look for the bonfire to avoid wasting your time with the glitchy location.

To build this hut, you can use these tricks to get more Raw Materials fast. Similarly for Supplies, you must complete raids to get them. The more you explore, the more materials you will obtain.

Now, once your Brewery is built after completing the AC Valhalla Build a Brewery quest, you will get The Case of the Missing Ale. In case you get a glitch during this side quest, our guide shows how to fix the bug as well.

That’s everything you need to know about building a brewery during the AC Valhalla Yule Festival or otherwise. The Yule season update has been, unfortunately, very buggy with issues like Eivor being always drunk after loading. We’ve got some potential fixes for you that you can try out.

For more such tips, tricks and bug fixes, don’t forget to head over to our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wiki page on Gamer Tweak.

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