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Developer: Next Games
Where: Canada, Finland, Australia, and Poland
Platforms: iOS and Android
Live since: July 10th, 2018
Updates: (27) October 17th, 2020

Blade Runner Rogue is a role-playing game with a story that will no doubt be indulgent should you be a fan of the original films, or even the book if you’re a Philip K Dick fan. As a fresh-faced blade runner, you’re tasked with collecting evidence to aid you in hunting down rogue replicants.

Staple characters from the series are collectable and will aid you in overcoming threats. Freshly formed teams can also be powered up to take on more challenging targets with proportionate awards.

You don’t have to go it alone though as friends and blade runners alike can be enlisted to help you accomplish a mission.

The 17th update added a selection of new characters from the Blade Runner universe as well as performance and usability improvements.

The 18th update saw the game enter early access while adding new case files, a new Patrol game mode and improved the user interface.

The 19th update added a tutorial for new players, new animations, bigger health bars for boss battles, push notifications, UI enhancements and bug fixes.

The 21st update introduced rogue-like gameplay, as well as “multi-branched cases” where each choice makes a difference. Players need to collect clues to improve your team and to gain an advantage over enemies.

The 23rd update added a whole host of minor improvements, such as progress rewards, tutorial changes, new dialogue, skills and bug fixes.

The 25th update renamed the game from Blade Runner 2049 to Blade Runner Rogue.

The 27th update rolled out a battle pass where players earn Battle Points to claim rewards, alongside several bug fixes.

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