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What you need to know to get Farming in OSRS for 2021

As the new year rolls around once more, we may be seeing fresh faces in the wide world of RuneScape. If there are any old faces who want to brush up of their farming skills, then this OSRS Farming Guide will come in handy. So whether you are learning the ropes for the first time, or just want a refresher on how to work on your Farming skill, read on to find out how you can effectively increase your Farming level.

What is Farming in

In OSRS, Farming is a skill that players can build up through planting seeds and harvesting crops. There are a variety of crops that can be grown, which range from vegetables to trees, mushrooms, herbs, hops, and even cacti. Items that are then harvested can be used in several ways, particularly for enhancing other skills. Such skills include Cooking and Herblore, which will both undoubtedly come in handy to you at some point during your journey through OSRS.

On the subject of skill enhancement, this also goes for players’ woodcutting experience. For example, plants can be grown in farming patches which only you will have access to. Therefore, you could grow wood-bearing trees and chop them down for logs and repeat the process when they regenerate. This is a very useful way to utilize Farming, as you don’t have to worry about any competition from other players since only you can access your trees.

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If you want to be a
bit more productive with your time, you can do so with planted crops. These
grow at a set time depending on the crop itself, so you can carry on growing
them even after you log out. If farming is something that you want to shift
focus to, then doing so can help you gain a lot of experience without even having
to be active on the game all that much.

Why should I train
Farming in OSRS?

Now that you have more of an idea of what farming is, we will be covering why you should be enhancing the skill in this OSRS Farming Guide. As mentioned, you can increase skill levels such as Herblore and Cooking, as well as Construction, Crafting, and others. However, skill training is not the only reason why you should focus on farming.

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As tedious as it might be for some players, there are in fact quests within the game that will require you to engage in farming. Many players will be familiar with the Fairy Ring transportation method, which is acquired via the Fairy Tale Part II quest. If you want this vital bit of kit, then you will need to have a Farming level of at least 49. If you want a quicker yet less effective method of travel, then there is Balloon transportation, which can be obtained in the Enlightened Journey quest. This will require you to have a Farming level of at least 30.

Tips on OSRS Money Making

There is also the Farming Guild, which is a more recent introduction to the game compared to other features. This will allow players to use Farming contracts, though you will be required to increase your Farming level in order to participate. You will need to be at least level 45 to gain access, with intermediate and advanced tiers being unlocked at level 65 and 85 respectively.

Then you have Herb
, which are a popular way of making gold amongst the OSRS
faithful. Players with a higher Farming level will be able to make better use
of this gold-making method too.

How does Farming
Levelling work in OSRS?

As you may have already noticed from this OSRS Farming Guide, Farming doesn’t possess the most glamorous way of levelling in the game.That isn’t to put it down or anything, as there are several skills that you level up in OSRS that can be quite draining due to the speed in which they go up.

If you are in the bracket of level 1 to 17, then you may want to consider taking part in the Fairytale Part I quest. This is because by completing the quest, you will receive 3,500 Farming XP, which will take you up to level 17 if you are just starting out. What’s more, there is no level requirement for you to start this quest, so you can simply get started whenever you are ready to do so. It will ultimately save you a lot of time gaining XP rather than having to grow low-level crops for minimal XP.

Going forward, you
will also want to take Tree Runs into consideration. This is a very
viable way for you to gain XP in Farming, especially if you have already
surpassed level 17. In order to do so, you will need to head to a Tree Patch in Lumbridge, Falador, Varrock, the Gnome Stronghold or Taverly.

Once you have arrived
at one of the locations, you will be required to pay the farmer the
necessary payment method depending on what seed you want to plant
, as well
as a sapling of your tree. For example, if you reached level 45, you could
potentially take a Maple seed to one of the patches and earn over 3000 XP for
each tree. This would see your level raise rather quickly, making Tree Runs
an essential part of levelling up
in Farming. There are also Fruit Tree
, which can be found in the Gnome Stronghold, as well as the Gnome
Village, Lletya, Brimhaven, and Catherby. The only real difference in using
Fruit Trees is that the growth time is much longer, so it might be a task that
you limit to performing once a day.

Now that you know what Farming is, why you should use it, and how to level up via this OSRS Farming Guide, you should be more than ready to head out and put your skills to the test. Farming, like other skill building techniques in the game, is a slow-burner. However, if you are clever with your tactics, you can bypass several levels to reach where you want to be.

The way in which you approach it depends entirely on how much you want to spend on building the level up. If you want to build it up slowly, all the while gaining a little gold here and there, then Herb Runs are the way to go. However, if you have the income available to you, then you should certainly consider Tree Runs to enhance your level. Just be aware that it is a costly method, so make sure you have the relevant currency to do so.

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