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Niantic snaps up games community platform Mayhem | Pocket Gamer.biz

Pokemon Go creator Niantic has acquired San Francisco-based games community platform Mayhem.

As detailed in a blog post, Mayhem will aid the Pokemon Go developer through its expertise in “designing social gaming experiences.”

Furthermore, the company has experienced when it comes to building an online community. Founded in 2017, the aim of Mayhem was to bring gamers around the world together through interactive experiences.

Currently, the terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Great experience

“Through our games, many Niantic explorers have found incredible meaning in playing and interacting with other explorers,” said Niantic CEO John Hanke.

“They create memories, they make friends, and they end up with some amazing stories to tell. We look forward to working together with Mayhem to amplify those moments, bring our player community closer together, and make a positive impact on the world.”

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