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WoW Shadowlands Castle Nathria Raid Guide

In this Castle Nathria Raid Guide for WoW Shadowlands, we’ll focus on the different mechanics that appear within each boss. Following the same formula from the previous challenges in World of Warcraft, this Raid can be extremely challenging. But before we venture into the different vital elements, let us take a look at its theme.

This time around, we have the opportunity to see how a castle full of “vampires” may look in the Azeroth setting. Within each Wing, we have the chance to see different exciting gaming mechanics that test the abilities and communication of the entire Guild. Therefore, gather your stakes, garlic, and holy crosses to endure their blood spells.

Castle Nathria Raid Guide

Following the same WoW Raid formula, in this case, you’ll need to pass through different parts of the castle and defeat powerful adversaries. If your Raid party manages to persevere through the entire instance, you’ll get tons of new rewards for your character.

First boss, Shriekwing: To begin the Raid, you’ll need to pass through this boss in the Castle Nathria Raid. To finish this “man-bat,” you’ll fight between two different phases that tend to change depending on the enemy’s health. To keep yourself (and the whole raid party) is to avoid his “sonar detection,” which in WoW comes in different circles that spawn with Shriekwing as the center or other little AoE (Area of Effect) spells that move around the battlefield.

After you manage to surpass the first encounter, the Raid group comes across two different paths. It all depends on the leaders to take the ideal route for the entire party. Either way, all players need to go through both available choices to unlock the last bosses.

First Possible Path

  • Sun King’s Salvation: In this part of the Raid, you’ll need to assist Kael’thas with your own “sacrifice.” There are two different phases in this encounter. In the first part of the fight, you’ll need to heal Kael’thas using columns that leech your health. At the same time, you’ll need to kill different mobs that spawn randomly. In the second phase, the Shade of Kael’thas will appear on the battlefield, which generates two phoenix birds. The more damage the party deals to the shade, the more you’ll heal Kael’thas.
  • Artificer Xy’Mox: To defeat this boss, you’ll need to think with portals. Two players will get a “debuff” that spawns wormholes(portals), which are connected. When phase one starts, different spirits will appear at random that follow you around. If they catch you, they’ll use mind control. When phase two starts, blue booms appear across the field, and different members need to move them and leave room for maneuvering. When phase three arrives, a sword will appear, drawing players close. After a while, it will “explode,” dealing tons of damage to the affected players.
  • Council of Blood: Three bosses appear at the same time. When one of them dies, the remaining boss(es) get full heal and extra abilities. When each “member” drops around half of their hit points, a mini-game will trigger. This time around, you’ll need to move to the “spotlight” and dance to the crowd. If you do not reach your “spot,” you’ll die instantly. Afterward, you’ll need to follow a sequence that gives you haste if done correctly or deal damage for any mistake.
    Now for the bosses, you have Niklaus that performs counter-attacks and summons different mobs. Frieda casts spells that debuffs and deal tons of damage. Lastly, with evasive feats, Stavros randomly links two players that “dance” to avoid pools of blood.

Second Possible Path

  • Huntsman Altimor: If you always wonder what an “overpowered” Hunter may look like with a couple of godly buffs, this boss is your answer. In this encounter, you have the opportunity to focus on the Huntsman himself and the different pets at his disposal. On the one hand, you have Altimor that performs extra AoE damage or focuses on random targets with his arrows. At the same time, you have to deal with different pets that rely on close encounters and might complicate everything.
  • Hungering Destroyer: The theme here is “Leech,” with different gaming mechanics. On random occasions, the boss in this battle will apply debuffs that prevent any possible healing. Therefore, you’ll need to move to another player and leech their remaining health. Afterward, some blue “sponges” appear that deal damage according to the remaining health you have. The less hp, the more damage it deals.
  • Lady Inerva Darkvein: Besides dealing with a powerful foe, you need to keep your focus in four different “Jars” (Tank, Soak, Orb, and Add). First of all, each Jar randomly fils with blood, enhancing their effects in a fight. To prevent any complication, any player needs to approach a Jar and empty the contents in exchange for health. If you have everything under control, the encounter could go smoothly, and she could fall soonish.

Last bosses (after killing Council of Blood and Lady Inerva Darkvein)

  • Sludgefist: This zombie-like monster comes with a lot of health and casts random spells to keep things interesting. One of his features is to link two players together in a chain. If both of them extend it enough, it could break and deal tons of damage. Afterward, it could target a player at random and follow him/her for a powerful attack. If you place a column in between, Sludgefist could crash and become dizzy for a while.
  • Stone Legion Generals: Two different gargoyle-like bosses appear simultaneously in this encounter (Kaal and Grashaal). You can only damage any target if they are in the ground. Furthermore, when they have less health, they could cast Stoneform, which reduces the damage. Give “candies” to Prince Renathal, and he will aid you in the fight.
  • Sire Denathrius: the last part of the Raid comes with this boss and his sword. When you begin the encounter, each member will receive five stacks of “sin.” Through the fight, you’ll have the opportunity to add/remove the effect and have different circumstances according to the number. Keep communication and awareness of the number and tell your guildmates if something changes.

Castle Nathria Raid Guide FAQs

Now that we’ve gotten through our Castle Nathria Raid guide, here’s a few FAQs that might be on your mind. If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to leave a comment down below!

Where is the Castle Nathria Raid Entrance?

The castle entrance appears in the center area of Revendreth.

How Many Bosses do You Need to Defeat in the Castle Nathria Raid?

You will need to defeat a total of ten bosses in the Castle Nathria Raid.

Do You Need a Guild to Play in the Raid?

You do not need a Guild to play in this raid, you have the opportunity to queue in different “Wings” of the Raid with Random Players.

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