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Sunlight gets trailer showcasing colorful explorations

First-person games are usually about killing things or solving puzzles. Or killing things while solving puzzles. And solving puzzles to kill things. Sunlight, a new game from Among the Sleep developer Krillbite Studio is not one of those first-person games. Instead, it’s all about exploration and pretty vistas. You can pick up flowers and at no point do you hold guns or create portals.

The game takes place during a hike through the forest, which you’ll note, is a thing that is absolutely not difficult to do in real life. As long as you’re near a forest. For me, I could just walk outside, but, hey, you may not have forests anywhere near you.

Sunlight is a game that aims to beckon players into the forest, guiding them in with the voices of trees. They are probably not ents. Which are not trees, as they’d be the first to tell you. Visually, the devs took inspiration from the artwork of Edvard Munch. The music itself is Tchaikovsky, so you’re clearly in for a more nuanced, fancy time with this game. It’s also supposed to be very short, clocking in at around 30 minutes of playtime. The game is set to launch on January 14.

Into the woods

A short trailer has been released that shows the game in action. It doesn’t give us much aside from briefly walking through a forest while holding flowers after beckoning the viewer to get comfortable and relax. The game looks lovely and seems to me like a solid use of 30 minutes. We’ll likely have more on Sunlight when it launches next week. Unless we get lost in the woods and never leave. What? It’s tempting.

Check out the trailer’s brief glimpse of trees, grass, and flowers to psych yourself up for a game that absolutely doesn’t want to psych you up:

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