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Harvey Smith, co-creator of Dishonored, is working on a new Arkane game

Arkane Studios has been putting out quite a number of gems in recent years. The Dishonored series has always been critically acclaimed, while 2017’s Prey offered horror that subverted expectations. Then there is Deathloop, the exciting first-person time-loop assassination romp that will arrive in April later this year. That is not to say Arkane does not have anything else in the pipeline. In fact, Arkane Austin director, Harvey Smith, has confirmed development is in progress for a new unannounced game.

The new project is tasked to the team behind both Prey and Dishonored. In his interview with Spanish site Vandal, Smith shared that he had returned to Arkane Austin following a four-year stay with Arkane Lyon. That resulted in Dishonored 2.

That would also mean that he was not working on anything Deathloop-related. Instead, Smith confirmed that he was working on something else entirely with the Dishonored and Prey teams.

Taking time

Of course, not many details were shared about the mysterious project. It could be a sequel to either of those two games, or something else entirely new on its own. We know that Arkane was looking to staff up for a new AAA game. This could be what it needed the extra manpower for. Considering that September 2020 is just a few months back, this project is also still in its infancy.

Harvey Smith, Co Creator Of Dishonored, Is Working On A New Arkane Game (2)

At least fans can stay excited knowing that Arkane is working on a new game other than Deathloop. As part of the interview, Smith also talked about the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft. With Arkane Studios also part of the fold, he stated that there were no changes to how it worked thus far.

The partnership between Bethesda and Microsoft was also lauded by Smith, stating that the tech giant is a perfect fit for the company as a whole.

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