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The Gathering Arena’ Finally Arrives on Mobile This Month through Android Early Access – TouchArcade

Magic: The Gathering Arena was announced a while ago as a digital adaptation of Magic: The Gathering. While originally in beta through 2017, Magic: The Gathering Arena finally released for PC platforms in 2019 but the mobile version was still missing in action. Wizards of the Coast finally revealed that Magic: The Gathering Arena is hitting mobile later this month through an Android early access release for select devices. Magic: The Gathering Arena on mobile will expand to more Android devices and iOS later in the year. Magic: The Gathering Arena will include cross platform support with all cards and formats from the PC version featured within including the upcoming release of Kaldheim. Watch the Magic: The Gathering Arena launch trailer for PC below:

We’ve been covering Magic: The Gathering Arena for years now and it is good to see it finally arrive on mobile even if its an early access release. As of now, there isn’t any pre-registration link or early access Google Play link live. When it is available, we will post so any Android device owner who meets the device requirements can install and start playing Magic: The Gathering Arena on mobile with full cross platform support. Check out the full device requirements on Android here with a list of supported devices. Magic: The Gathering Arena early access arrives beginning January 28th on select Android devices. The iOS version will be coming later in the year. Have you been playing Magic: The Gathering Arena on PC or were you waiting for the mobile release?

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