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Warframe Plastids Farming Guide 2021

If you are new to the
popular online Multiplayer game Warframe,
then you may have come across a term known as Plastids. They are used and collected as a resource that will help
you upgrade your Warframe, as well as a number of different weapons. You will
notice early on that they are required for such upgrades once you have found
blueprints and other parts to enhance your character. To get the most out of Warframe
Plastids, there are a few things that you will need to know, such as how
they work, where the best places to find them are, and more.

How to Farm Plastids
in Warframe?

Let’s start with how
to farm Plastids. The
best way for you to do this is to check
out the many survival missions that are available
. What’s more, there are a
couple of traits that will help increase your chances of farming Plastids
depending on your location, which we will cover in more detail in the next section.

For example, there
are Dark Sector survival missions
which will offer up a 20% chance at
an increase of dropped resources. In such missions, you will take on a type of
enemy known as the Infested. Thanks
to the Infested, it becomes a mission that is extremely useful for Farming. Once you find an area in which
proves as the only means for the Infested to enter the area, you can simply
farm them for drops.

From there, you can
focus on other factors that will help you to gain a further drop increase to
score you more—you guessed it—Plastids. For example, the longer you farm for,
the more Plastids you will earn. Of course that sounds really obvious,
considering that the law of averages suggests that you are bound to pick up
more by putting more time in. But if you are willing to do so, then you will
also receive a high percentage chance of drops, which can work in your favor in
some instances.

Other ways of farming
Plastids includes how you decide to use your Warframe. Abilities such as Desecrate can enhance the amount of
Plastids that you get from dead enemies, while loot drops can be increased by
other Warframes such as Hydroid or Khora, who both possess abilities to
increase loot drops.

What are the Best
Places to Farm Plastids in Warframe?

Now that you have an
idea of how to farm Plastids, you’ll want to know the best places to find them.
Plastids, along with other Warframe resources, are typically bound to certain
events, and also to planetoids. Where plastides are concerned, keep an eye on
areas such as Eris, Phobos, Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus.

If you are new to the game, you might want to check out Phobos first. Though there is a
lower drop rate here, it is still a good starting point as it is less of a
strain compared to other locations. This is a perfect place to collect Plastids,
though other areas are certainly better for you to farm them.

Once you feel like
you are ready, then your next agenda should be to head to the likes of Eris,
Pluto, Saturn or Uranus. You can engage in survival missions, which we touched
on earlier, that serve as a horde-style mission of enemy waves. With that in mind,
these are the most effective ways of getting Plastids, since you can kill enemy
after enemy until you collect the amount of resources that you need.

Piscinas on Saturn is probably your best bet for farming. In the last section,
we touched on the Dark Sector, which was once a PvP area where players could do
battle for particular bonuses. Even though this particular feature has been
eradicated, it is still an area for you to collect additional XP and experience
higher drop rates. We also mentioned the Infested earlier, who are a swarm of
enemies that will come in much larger packs than others, making them a great
way to farm plastids.

What are Control

Something else that
players may have come across are Control Modules. These are found in Europa, Neptune and the Void, and are also dropped from enemies and can be found in
These items are used for many of the blueprints that you will
find within Warframe and are also another item that you should consider

The best place for you
to farm these Control Modules would most certainly be in the Void. Although drops are rare for these
items, they still have a fair chance of dropping, and there is the option of
simply roaming or taking part in survival missions for you to farm enough to
use on your blueprints.

Is there an easy way
to get Plastids in Warframe?

If you are looking
for the easiest ways to gain Plastids, then it ultimately boils down to your
location in the game. As mentioned, Phobos is the place to go for those
starting out, whereas Infested survival missions can help you gain Plastids lot
faster. Again, it boils down to how long you are willing to put into the
farming. The longer you partake, the more rewards you will reap.

If you are looking
for even better ways to pick up Plastids, then you should most certainly consider purchasing boosters, which can
give you an increase in how many will drop. There are also extractors which can
collect Plastids for you in the background. The in-game market can also provide
you with Plastids if you have enough Platinum, though it is recommended that
you save your Platinum for items that you can’t farm as easily (or at all)
compared to Plastids.

Ultimately, there are various ways to get your
hands on Warframe Plastids. You
should now have a much better view on how to farm them, and where you can do
so. Farming can be time-consuming, but the methodology isn’t all that
difficult, regardless of where you are up to in the game.

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