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How To Complete Crazy Ex Challenge

BitLife has finally added its first 2021 challenge and it is called ‘Crazy Ex’, tasking you to be a crazy lover in the game. You can only complete the Crazy Ex challenge in BitLife if you have already had a relationship with someone in the game for a year or more.

Since Crazy Ex Challenge has just added to BitLife, you must be wondering how to complete it. There are multiple requirements that need to be met to complete this challenge and we will teach you how to complete each of them in the easiest way possible.

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How to Complete the Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife, you will need to complete the following task in BitLife.

  • You will need to Stalk more than four exes.
  • You will have to Kill your ex’s new lover.
  • Violate restraining order four times.
  • Arrange booty calls with more than three exes
  • You need to marry an ex who had a restraining order put on your

The first task you need to complete the Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife is to stalk one of your exes. To do so, you will have to head into the Relationship Tab and select the Exes option, there you will find an option called ‘Stalk’. Once you have successfully stalked your ex, repeat the same procedure do it four times.

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After stalking an ex enough time, they will put a restraining order against you, which will have to violate. Despite having a restraining order against you, you will have to keep harassing them, messaging them or stalking them.

After violating the restraining order, go to the Crime tab and then select Murder. Now, pick one of your ex’s new lover and kill him. Once you have successfully killed your ex’s new lover, go back to the Relationship tab and select Exes option again. To arrange a Booty Call, you will need to go into ‘Pick your objective’ and select the Booty call option. By doing this, your ex will fall in love with you again. If she really starts liking you again then you are just a step ahead to complete Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife.

The last task you need to do to complete the Crazy Ex challenge in BitLife is you will have to marry your ex, who once had a restraining order against you.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Crazy Ex challenge in BitLife. While here, ensure reading about how to complete the Bad Santa challenge and how to become a boss of the Mafia Family in BitLife.

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