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New Gotham Knights’ details talk level progression & co-op

It has been quite some time now since we last heard anything about Gotham Knights. The WB Montreal joint certainly shooked fans’ expectations when it was revealed in August last year, and suffice to say, the need for information has not stopped. We know that the game will be separate from the other Batman games we know and usually love, and we saw some snippets of gameplay as well. However, in a new interview with GamesRadar, executive producer Fleur Marty and creative director Patrick Redding shared new details about Gotham Knights.

With the game featuring four playable characters, it would be a legitimate concern if you ignore the others for your favorite character. Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin each have a unique style. Choosing one is already hard, let alone trying to master all four. Thankfully, WB Montreal is making it easier for everyone to stay on par.

While story progression will be shared between the four heroes, their own growth will as well. You do not have to level them up from scratch while you are out saving the world. It makes sense in terms of the narrative structure, since the Bat family is always present one way or another.

Sticking together

The new details about Gotham Knights‘ progression should ease some fans’ worries. This way, you will always have a group of heroes that are well-equipped to fight crime. The team will be heading out to take back Gotham, one borough at a time. As the night concludes, your team will reconvene at the Belfry. This is where you can tweak your loadout and choose your next course of action.

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Additionally, if you are worried about having enough partners to play with, fret not. The game has been designed for drop-in/drop-out co-op for solo players looking to partner up. Gotham Knights has been designed for a dynamic duo, and the details match up. No matter where you are in the game, there is always space for one more.

It’s reassuring news thus far, and we’re sure to have more ahead of Gotham Knights‘ 2021 release.

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