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Stronghold Warlords delay detailed, now releasing in March

Everybody likes a good castle sim. Well, not everybody. I’ve never played one. If you do like those kinds of games, you’ll quite possibly be disappointed in just a moment. FireFly Studios’ newest game, Stronghold: Warlords, has just been delayed for a second and, hopefully final, time. The game was initially set to launch on January 26. However, due to various factors, the developer has bumped it to March 9. The developer hopes the delay allows enough extra time to offer the game some needed TLC in order to hit its desired level of quality.

Specifically, Stronghold: Warlords‘ multiplayer mode is the reason for the delay. In an announcement on the developer’s Twitter, Firefly Studios reports that the game’s multiplayer is simply not ready, which is awfully forthright. Although it was hoping to launch the game in just a couple of weeks, unforeseen problems crept up (as they are wont to do), and the team realized that more time was needed to polish the mode. The dev did consider having the game launch sans multiplayer, but decided that it was too important a feature to push in with an update.

Welcome to East Asia

If you’re not already familiar with Stronghold, Warlords is the series’ first entry in over six years, following Stronghold Crusader II. The game is set to differentiate itself by allowing you to focus on, you guessed it, warlords, including ones in Mongolia and Japan. You want to be a Khan? You Khan do it. You want to act like a Shogun? Well, sho’ nuff. The game is set to feature 31 campaign missions, as well as a full multiplayer mode which I mentioned in the preceding paragraph. You still have a couple of months to wait, but you’ll be fighting off castle sieges in no time with this one.

Check out the full delay announcement below:

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