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‘Smash Legends’ from LINE Games Is an Upcoming Multiplayer PvP Action Game with PC and Mobile Cross Play Support Set for a Soft Launch Soon – TouchArcade

LINE Games and 5minlab’s Smash Legends is an upcoming multiplayer PvP action game with support for cross play on mobile and PC. It is finally going into soft launch for iOS and Android in addition to the PC version being delivered through Steam Early Access soon. It was originally announced last year with a closed gameplay test that followed. Your aim in Smash Legends is to knock opponents out of the ring with 1v1, 3v3, and up to eight player support across different game modes. The planned soft launch will include improvements and fixes from the closed gameplay test from last year and the aim is to include 6 game modes including capture point and battle royale. Smash Legends aims to be accessible through its controls for all players including those not familiar with action games. Check out a screenshot of the mobile interface in Smash Legends below:

As of now, a release date or window for the full release haven’t been announced but Smash Legends is set to have a soft launch on the App Store and Google Play this quarter to go alongside the Steam Early Access release. The interface for the PC version will be different from the touch controls in the iOS and Android version as well. Controller support on iOS and Android hasn’t been announced. I’ve enjoyed playing Super Smash Bros. so the same concept in a 3D plane is interesting enough for me to try this out when it eventually arrives. For gameplay videos, the official YouTube channel has quite a few short clips showcasing different modes, characters, using items, and more. Smash Legends is currently in development for iOS, Android, and PC. What do you think of the gameplay videos?

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