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Celebrate adventure games with The Big Adventure Event on Steam

Steam has always been a place to go no matter what you fancy. AAA games are always present, while you can also find yourself some indie gems that are hiding in plain sight. With its various sales going on throughout the year, there is always something to look forward to on the digital storefront. While we wait for the inevitable Lunar New Year Sale that has been teased to come, those who love themselves a good adventure have more to celebrate with The Big Adventure Event on Steam.

All of your modern adventure needs will be addressed during this special event. In addition to Steam itself offering up experiences, developers and studios will get in on the action as well. Currently, there are a bunch of livestreams from developers you can watch. Alongside the viewing experiences, there are also about 50 demos of upcoming and recently released titles to play. If you’re the type of gamer that likes to watch something, get intrigued, and then go try it out for yourself, The Big Adventure Event on Steam is perfect for you.

All you need in one place

Of course, it is not just livestreams and demos on show. You want to get yourself some great deals, and that is definitely on the agenda. Curated selections are available, sorting games into even more specific subgenres to help you pick your poison. The Hearty Laugh section brings together the comedic adventure games. Splendidly Supernatural is all about the strange and weird. Animal Protagonists is a self-explanatory section.

The rest of the sections are Pretty as a Picture, Spinetingling Thrills, A Detective’s Work, Mindbenders, Retro Roots, and Sci-fi. Suffice to say, whatever you fancy, there is bound to be something for you.

The Big Adventure Event on Steam lasts until January 25, so don’t dawdle.

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