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Colorblind support announced for Dead by Daylight due to controversy

We are certainly familiar with developer Behaviour Interactive adding content to Dead by Daylight in the forms of new killers and quality-of-life improvements quite regularly. It shows that the studio is always listening to player feedback and trying to do better. Unfortunately, the latest accessibility improvement in the works took a less than ideal path to its reveal. While it is awesome to learn that Dead by Daylight will soon receive colorblind support, it could have been revealed to much fanfare instead of controversy.

This stemmed from a comment made by one of the game’s designers during a stream. Lead Programmer Ethan ‘Amos’ Larson was streaming the game and talking with viewers during a personal stream. When it came to a query regarding colorblind options in Dead by Daylight, Larson’s response was not exactly polite.

Larson admonished the viewer for badgering him and the team about colorblind mode. While the team is aware of the need to implement the support, constant reminders like this were unnecessary according to Larson. Naturally, that kind of curt response does not fly in this day and age. Clips of the segment soon circulated around the internet.

It caught the attention of Steven Spohn, COO of Able Gamers. As someone who is dedicated to improving accessibility in gaming, Spohn responded that “if you’re tired of ‘being badgered about it’ imagine how tired people are of not being able to play your game because it’s inaccessible to them.”

Jumping the gun

Barely a few hours later, Behaviour Interactive responded to Spohn. In addition, the studio also showed off a colorblind mode in progress for Dead by Daylight.

A developer stated that this is the first step in improving the game’s accessibility. The colorblind settings will hopefully arrive with the next big chapter update. Judging from the game’s past record, that will likely be sometime in March.

This definitely was not the way the studio wanted to unveil colorblind support in Dead by Daylight. Nevertheless, at least we now know it is clearly in the pipeline.

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