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Xsolla launches new mobile game commerce solution | Pocket Gamer.biz

Xsolla has launched its new mobile game commerce solution to aid mobile developers and publishers.

Through the use of the new tech, developers will be able to streamline user acquisition and create new ways for players to discover their games.

Moreover, the solution has been designed to create a better online commerce experience while also building a community among players. Furthermore, mobile game commerce allows devs to operate PC and online versions of their smartphone titles fully.

App creators can also expand globally as the new solution provides more than 700 payments methods for consumers. As such, players can purchase in-game money with their local currency.

Overcoming challenges

“Game developers of all sizes face many challenges working within the current app store business model — from discoverability and limited player data to scaling and low-profit margins,” said Xsolla president Chris Hewish.

“Our new Mobile Game Commerce solution helps developers overcome these restraints and succeed by creating a seamless experience that drives revenue back to those making the games.”

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