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FFXIV Carpenter Leveling Guide 1-60 and Beyond

Being a Carpenter in FFXIV revolves around crafting, using a plethora of wooden items and more to make the likes of polearms, wooden shields, furniture, crafting tools and much more. The following FFXIV Carpenter guide will offer a wealth of information on how leveling the crafting class works.

One of the most attractive things about the class is that it can work with other classes with what is created. So you can craft bows for Archers and Bards, or staffs and canes for Conjurers and White Mages. You can also make logs for Disciples of Hand or even fishing rods to be used. Meanwhile, the rest of this guide will cover the following:

  • Early Leveling
  • Leveling Past 50
  • Post 60 Leveling

FFXIV Carpenter Leveling Guide

Let’s get into how exactly to level as a Carpenter.

Early FFXIV Carpenter Leveling

To start off your leveling journey, you should firstly look into the Company-issue Engineering Scroll so that you can then craft items that you haven’t made before. This should help get you to level 15 at a faster rate. You will have a couple of quests to contend with from here, with the level 1 task known as My First Saw where you will need to make Maple Lumber. At Level 5, you will reach the To Be the Wood in which you craft Square Maple Shields. At level 10 you get the class quest Supplies for the Sick where you need to make Ash Lumber with Ash Logs and a wind Shard.

As you have probably guessed by now, your leveling is going to revolve predominantly by questing with this method. By now you have probably hit level 20, so The Lance’s Lesson is the next class quest. You will need to have either unlocked Materia melding from the level 19 quest Waking the Spirit, or you will need to make use of the Materia Melder NPC. There will also be levequests a this point too, so go through Driving Up the Wall and Bowing to Necessity, in which you will need to craft Elm Lumber with a Wind Shard and Elm Logs for the former.

Level 20-30

For the next 10 levels, we are going to start with A Crisis of Confidence, where you will be required to make HQ Walnut Lumber with Wind Shards and Walnut Logs. Keep an eye on your gear and try and progress a few more levels before trying this out. HQ components can help, but can be hard to get your hands on. That being said, it is easier to craft these items from level 21 when you get the Great Strides skill.

At level 30, you will have the Between Captain and Conjurer quests where you will need the HQ Walnut Cane. For this, grab three Wind Shards, plus two Ice Shards and both a Walnut Lumber and a Growth Formula Beta. Once you are at this point, you will receive a levequest called Armoires of the Rich and Famous that you will need Walnut Lumber for. At this stage you will want to looking into the Storm of Swords so that you can craft them for Gladiators and Paladins so that you can synthesise Elm Macuahuitl.

Level 30-50

The next quest you will take on is Growing Apart, where you need to bring a HQ Oak Longbow with you, so get Wind Shards, Ice Shards, Oak Branches and one each of Oak Lumber, Steel Ingot and Linen Yarn. You will also want to get yourself an HQ Oak Composite Bow to keep progressing your class, before hitting level 37 where you can use the Brand of Wind to make items using wind affinity which can be very handy indeed. As for levequests here, Flintstone Fight, Grippy When Wet and Stay on Target are the best to do, with the last one offering great rewards, though you will need a Yarzonshell Harpoon to turn in.

By level 45, you will have Gone till the Sixth Astral Moon as your Carpenter quest, where you need to synthesise three HQ items. From a levequest perspective, focus on Spin it Like You Mean It where you need Mahogany Spinning Wheels, or go for the Arsenal of Theoacracy option to craft a Cobalt Halberd.

Once we are at level 50, you will embark on the Saving Captain Gairhard class quest where you will need to turn in Rosewood Lumber and the Crab Bow, with the latter needing to be imbued with Savage Aim Materia III. The best levequest here is You Do the Heavy Lifting as Mahogany Lumber is required, though Bowing to Great Power and Clogs of War are also effective.

Leveling Past 50 as an FFXIV Carpenter

Having reached past the 50 mark, you would normally be at the point of the endgame, though updates to the game made it so that the cap was in fact raised for you to progress further. Even so, some would argue that this point has faster leveling than prior to 50, and though the focus has been class quests and levequests so far, let’s take a look at some other options you can use at this point.

For example, there’s the Moogles Beast Tribe Quests which can be a cost effective and straight forward way to gain experience for your Carpenter. You can get from 50 to 60 without having to spend all of your Gil, though accessing them in the first place requires you to complete a large chain of quests. There’s 20 in total, and though they aren’t difficult, they are just so many of them to be completed.

You can also look into collectable synthesis as a way of gaining XP, though you will need to have finished the Inscrutable Tastes quest. Once you have finished it and gained access to Rowena’s House of Splendors, you will get a list of 20 items each day to be found in return for Gil and that valuable experience that you are looking for. You also receive Scrips, which you can trade for handy items too.

Leveling Past 60

Past the 60 mark leaves us a bit less to do where Beast Tribe dailies are concerned. You will now have Namazu Daily Quests though this time its only 12 to be completed instead of 20. Next, you can get started with the chain with Courage the Cowardly lupin, which eventually leads to Something Fishy This Way Comes.

You could also opt for turning in collectables at this point too. For example, you have M’Naago Custom Deliveries that you can unlock. This works in a similar way to Rowena’s that we mentioned earlier, this time you will need to finish the None Forgotten, None Forsaken quest.

FFXIV Carpenter Guide Conclusion

Hopefully this FFXIV Carpenter guide has given you a bit more of an idea of how the leveling progression works and the best way to go about it. The crafting plays a huge instrumental part in how effective it is, so read up on your ingredients and get crafting, and you will find yourself maxing out levels in no time.

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