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Two new Final Fantasy mobile games are on the way | Pocket Gamer.biz

Square Enix has announced two new Final Fantasy games for mobile devices.

The first of which is Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. It is to serve as a prequel to the acclaimed FF7 and will be set in Midgar years before the events of the main game.

Moreover, The First Soldier will be a battle royale title, with players taking on the role of SOLDIER candidates.

However, it is not just about guns in this mobile game as players will have a range of abilities to use as well, as is custom with a Final Fantasy title.

“Join the fray, lay waste to your foes, and climb the ranks,” says the trailer.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will come to mobile devices via Google Play and the App Store.

There’s more

Meanwhile, the second mobile title to be announced is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis.

However, this game is a chapter-structured single-player experience covering the entire Final Fantasy VII timeline.

“An episodic return to FFVII’s world with a nostalgic visual twist,” says the trailer.

Final Fantasy VII was first released in 1997 on the PlayStation, though it’s popularity saw it get ported to later consoles.

Last year, the Final Fantasy VII: Remake was released for PlayStation 4 with a PS5 port on the way.

Square Enix certainly looks busy on the mobile front this year as Lara Croft is jumping on to mobile devices in Tomb Raider Reloaded while action adventure game Just Cause is also coming to iOS and Android devices this year.

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