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Leviathan expansion is about self-focus

If you were not aware, the Paradox Insider event took place today as part of The MIX’s Game Dev Direct two-day event. There certainly were plenty of announcements to go around for most of the games under the company’s offerings. For those of you who are invested in Europa Universalis IV, you most definitely need to keep an eye out later this month for the Leviathan expansion.

Johan Andersson, the studio manager of Paradox Tinto, was on hand to talk more about the upcoming expansion. The studio, which opened last year, has been hard at work trying to refine the Europa Universalis IV experience for players.

This has resulted in the upcoming Leviathan expansion bringing more options to the table for Europa Universalis IV. For those of you who prefer to play tall, or keeping your expansion in check in lieu of the development of your own land, your time has come.

A new approach

The expansion is adding some new options to the game. Concentrate Development allows you to shift development from territories on the outskirts to your capital. The aim is to create a central metropolis that will stand tall and strong. You will also have the option of Centralize State, which decreases development costs. Lastly, Expand Infrastructure allows you to initiate several manufacturers to start working in a single province.

The Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan expansion will also improve diplomacy as a whole. If you like the favors system introduced in Cossacks, you will be happy to see the new developments. Previously, you accrue favors before calling them in to have allies join your wars. Now, you have a new diplomatic action called Curry Favors, which allows you to build up your supply more quickly. You can then spend favors on more options like abandoning your allies.

Andersson also spoke briefly about the subscription plans for Europa Universalis IV. It will begin on March 18, and costs $5 USD per month. In return, subscribers will have access to all current and future content.

In more Paradox Insider news, we learned more about the Stellaris: Nemesis expansion, the return of Surviving Mars, and new DLC for Crusader Kings III.

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