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Where to Find Cor Lapis & What It’s Used For


Genshin Impact is a free-to-play gacha game by developer miHoYo, and it contains a huge open world full of materials that are just waiting to be collected. Cor Lapis is one of the more useful materials out there. Here’s where to find Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact and what to use it for.

Where to Find Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact

Cor Lapis can be found in Liyue, underneath its many cliffs. The material is found in large numbers in the westernmost area of the map, near Mt. Hulao.

Have a look at the map below to see the more specific locations to search when looking to find Cor Lapis.

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Locations
Source: GenshinImpactMap

Be on the lookout for an orange-colored stone sticking out of the ground. You’ll need to hit it to collect the crystal material hidden beneath the stone. This is easiest to do with characters that use claymore weapons like Razor, Beidou, Diluc, Noelle, Chongyun, etc.

If you don’t have a claymore character yet, you can still break open the lapis by using other weapons. It’ll just take far longer to do it that way.

What It’s For

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis

Cor Lapis is a crystal material that’s mainly used in crafting and character ascension. It can be used to craft Dustproof Potions, Unmoving Essential Oils, a Geo Treasure Compass, and a Geoculus Resonance Stone.

The Dustproof Potion increases your party’s resistance to Geo attacks, while the Unmoving Essential Oil increases your party’s Geo attack damage. The Geo Treasure Compass helps you locate treasure chests in Liyue, and the Resonance Stone will point you in the direction of Geoculi.

The Genshin Impact characters that need Cor Lapis to ascend are Zhongli, Chongyun, and Keqing.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact and what it’s used for. If you’re looking for more tips, be sure to check out our Genshin Impact guide wiki.

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