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Fall Flat’ on Mobile – TouchArcade

It feels like only yesterday that No Brakes Games, Curve Digital, and 505 Games brought the ridiculous 3rd person physics puzzle adventure Human: Fall Flat to mobile devices. But it wasn’t yesterday, it was all the way back in June of 2019. Boy, 2020 really did a number on my whole perception of time. Anyway, as awful as 2020 was the developers of Human: Fall Flat did offer a bright spot by bringing a number of new levels to the mobile version of the game, and that trend is continuing in 2021 with two more new levels coming in an update today. The two new levels are Golf and City, and they are actually the products of a competition called the Worldwide Workshop where the developers tasked the Human: Fall Flat community with creating and submitting their own levels for the chance at fame and fortune. Check them out in the following trailer.

This is not the first time Worldwide Workshop levels have been added to the game, as just this past December both the Thermal and Factory levels from the 2019 competition were added to the mobile version via a free update. In fact the creator of the Factory level goes by the alias “Gotcha” and was the winner of the 2019 Workshop, and they are also the creator of this new City level. The winner of the 2020 competition goes by the name “PrinceS” and took home the top prize with the Golf level. While both Golf and City have been available in the game on other platforms, I’m happy to see this new content also arrive on iOS and Android, and it sounds like all the developers involved in this mobile version have plans to bring even more of them to the game in the future.

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