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The Most Profitable OSRS Bosses for Farming Gold

Have you been wondering which OSRS bosses are the most profitable in the game, then you are in the right place. Some of the choices that you will find here can bag you a nice little profit by overcoming some tough battles. Bosses play a huge role in OSRS, and the risk of battling them often comes with a high reward. In this case, we will be looking at the ones which will net you the most profit for you and your character.

While there are some out there who want to buy OSRS gold and loot dropped by these bosses, this guide is focused on how to earn that gold in-game by taking on the bosses in battle.

Best OSRS Bosses for Gold Farming List

Currently, the best OSRS bosses for gold farming, who we will be discussing in this article are:

  • Zulrah
  • Zalcano
  • Alchemical Hydra
  • Kree’arra
  • Vorkath


This particular boss was one of the early bosses that offered a high hourly profit. This has lead Zulrah to be nerfed a number of times, but it is still more than worthy of a place on the list.

To get your hands on Zulrah, you will need to have completed the Regicide quest. The boss presents itself with four phases for players to battle through, so needless to say it is no mean feat. To get through these stages effectively, you will want to have a good setup where your Ranged and Magic skills and equipment are concerned. If you want a quicker way of taking down Zulrah, then you should look into getting a Twisted Bow that has full range, which can keep costs down too. By beating Zulrah, you can expect to make just shy of 3,000,000 gp per hour.


Another worthy mention is Zalcano, who will require players to have completed the Song of Elves quest to get to his location. This is considered to be a skilling boss in which you will need to use your runecrafting, mining and smithing skills in order to triumph. Having your skills and level 99, particularly Mining, can be of great help since you can pick up a Crystal Pickaxe. This is going to give you the highest possible slot of those doing battle with the boss, and you can expect more MVP kills to increase the gp that you make.

Get some Crystal shards then convert them into either Divine potions or use them with crystal keys so you can gain access to an enhanced Crystal chest. This way, you will make a hefty amount of gold, or receive your shards again, and there’s even a chance of getting the highly profitable Dragonstone armour which sits at a value of 5,000,000 gp.

Zalcano certainly has some very profitable drops such as the Crystal tool seed. But it can also be killed 20 times per hour at a rate of 162,000 gp for each kill that you achieve.

Alchemical Hydra

Another highly profitable boss, but one that comes with a pretty high requirement with 95 Slayer level being asked of players. The Alchemical Hydra can only be killed when being assigned the Hydra Slayer task from Konar. As with the previous boss on the list, you should whip out your Twisted bow for this battle. If you don’t have one to hand, then a Blowpipe can work well too.

As for the Hydra itself, it offers two best in slot items that you will want to get a hold of. Mainly we will be looking for the Hydra’s Claw, since you can use it with the Zamorakian Hasta to make the Dragon Hunter Lance. It also has a rare drop of Hydra Leather can you will need to use on the machinery near the Lithkren Vault pool. This will allow you to eventually make the Ferocious Gloves with a hammer, which are the best gloves in slot in OSRS.

For kills, you can expect just over 150,000 gp for each kill, with 25 kills per hour being achievable.


When it comes to Kree’arra, there is a way in which you can increase the amount of gold and kills you get per hour. This involves using the Black Chinchompas along with the Blood Barrage, which are incredibly effective if this is a solo attempt. The area of effect that the Black Chinchompas has allows you to be able to hit several enemies at once. This can be very useful since you need to be able to kill the enemies that are near the boss. The area of effect will then hit Kree’arra and cause damage, making this the quickest way to kill it. Though it might seem more costly, it will increase the amount of kills that you can get each hour. This means that you are more likely to get additional item drops and pets from this encounter.

At 269,000 gp per kill, you have the chance to kill this boss 20 times per hour. However, the majority of your profit will be coming from the Armadyl Chestplate and Chainskirt, which will earn 41M and 34M gp respectively.


This is a very profitable boss, but does have some pretty hefty requirements. You need to get through the Dragon Slayer II quest, which will mean that you will need to have rather high combat skills to get there in the first place.

Your goal again is to be able to increase the amount that you make in profit per hour. Keeping that in mind, having a Dragon Hunter Lance or Crossbow will mean that you can get more kills per hour in. This is because of the damage and accuracy increase that both of these weapons bring to the table.

One point to look out for in this fight is the poison segment, which can be difficult to overcome. Make sure that you stick and move, lest you succumb to the poison balls that will kill you off rather quickly.

Looking at the statistics for this boss, you can get 135,000 gp for each kill, and you can get 30 kills per hour in with the right gear. One particularly notable drop from this boss is the Onyx Bolt Tips, which in the right hands can earn from 40M to 245M, whilst there’s also the Skeletal Visage which stands at 31M.

Conclusion on OSRS Bosses for Gold

These OSRS bosses are great ways for you to earn a healthy profit in the game. Just remember to go into each encounter prepared so that you can maximise the amount of kills and gold that you can make every hour.

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