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How to Get Spectrum Gatling

The Outer Worlds has a wide array of different weapons to obtain, and the Murder on Eridanos DLC has added plenty of worthwhile armaments to acquire. The cream of the crop, though, is the DLC’s new Science Weapon, and it’ll take some leg work to add it to your arsenal. Here’s how to get the Spectrum Gatling in Outer Worlds’ Murder on Eridanos DLC.

Before going further though, it’s worth noting that this weapon won’t be available until you’ve progressed the main story mission to the point where you’ve cleared out the RR&DD facility of threats. If you haven’t reached this point yet, then focus on progressing the story for a bit.

How to Get the Spectrum Gatling in Murder on Eridanos

After you’ve cleared the RR&DD facilities of hostiles, you’ll be able to gain access to the room where the NPC Dr. Blossom was taking shelter. Head inside, and then look for a terminal at the center of the room.

Interact with it, and then read through the different text files available. Once you have, the quest tied to getting the Gatling will prompt. You’ll then be notified that you need to obtain one of each Spectrum Vodka flavor and insert them into the terminal to unlock a nearby case containing the new Science Weapon.

The general location of six of the bottles will be marked on your map once you’re given the quest. The remaining two, meanwhile, will require you to speak to an NPC at the Purpleberry Nut Hut mentioned in the terminal’s text files.

Fortunately, all of the different Spectrum Vodka flavors can be found within the Orchard section of Eridanos, and many are near readily identifiable landmarks or points of interest.

Where to Find Spectrum Violet

The first flavor you can find in the Murder on Eridanos DLC is inside the RR&DD building, in Dr. Blossom’s office.

It can be accessed so long as you have the office’s access key – which can be looted off of Dr. Blossom’s corpse after she dies – or via lockpicking, so long as your Lockpick skill is 65 or higher.

Once you meet either of these requirements, head down into the lower level of the facility via the elevator. Then, make your way to the staircase on the right. Go up the staircase, and then look for a locked door on your right. This will lead into Dr. Blossom’s office.

Unlock the door, and then look to your left. The Spectrum Violet will be on a desk overlooking two yellow vats.

Where to Find Spectrum Yellow in Murder on Eridanos

Next up is Spectrum Yellow. This one becomes available after you’ve been notified that the Waspsquito pollination rounds have been started, forcing you to travel to The Hive to deactivate them. You’ll be led to this location with a marker so long as you have the main story mission active.

Head to The Hive, and then look for a table to the right of the terminal you can use to deactivate the Waspsquito swarms. The Spectrum Yellow will be sitting on top of it.

Murder on Eridanos How to Get Spectrum Gatling

Where to Find Spectrum Blue

After that is Spectrum Blue. This can be one of the trickier Spectrum Vodka flavors to find in the Murder on Eridanos DLC, but shouldn’t take you more than a minute so long as you pay close attention.

First, head to the Purpleberry Puzzlehedges. They can be found to the southeast of the Conservatory building, and they’ll have a man named Samuel standing in front of them. Head into the hedges, and then take the first left to proceed further in.

Continue into the maze, and then hug the wall to your left. Follow the wall until it leads you to a white and pink fountain. Once you reach the fountain, look to your right. You should see a small table with two chairs, and the Spectrum Blue will be on top of it.

Murder on Eridanos How to Get Spectrum Gatling

Where to Find Spectrum Green in Murder on Eridanos

After that is Spectrum Green. This one is much easier to track down, especially if you’ve completed the side quest offered by the director of the Orchard.

Follow the quest marker until you reach a building containing a female NPC. She’ll be the intern you interact with during the director’s side quest. Once there, head inside and look for some yellow containers on the left side of the building and to the left of the building’s entrance. Search the container on the far right, and you’ll find some Spectrum Green.

Murder on Wridanos How to Get Spectrum Gatling

Where to Find Spectrum Red and Orange

After that are the easiest Spectrum Vodka flavors to find in the Murder on Eridanos DLC. Both the Red Spectrum and Orange Spectrum are sold at the Purpleberry Nut Hut, the shop you pass on your way into the orchard.

Head to the Nut Hut and speak to Sidney, the NPC who runs it. Then, select the dialogue option that lets you view her wares. The Red and Orange Spectrum Vodkas can be found at the bottom of her available items.

Murder on eridanos How to Get Spectrum Gatling

Where to Find Spectrum Black in Murder on Eridanos

After that, you should only have two more Spectrum flavors to track down. The location for both can be obtained by speaking to Sidney and selecting the dialogue option related to Spectrum flavors she has sold recently.

She’ll tell you that she recently gave Spectrum Indigo to the groundskeeper and Spectrum Black to Black Bertie for a picnic. the location for both will then be marked on your map.

The Spectrum Black will be closer, so head toward its marker first. Once you reach the scene of the picnic, look for some bottles lying on top of the checkered blanket. Look for one titled Spectrum Black and interact with it to add it to your inventory.

Murder on Eridanos How to Get Spectrum Gatling

Where to Find Spectrum Indigo

Last but not least is the Spectrum Indigo. To nab tit, head to the Groundskeeper’s hut and then look for a cabinet on the right side of the building. Look behind some junk piled up inside the cabinet, and you’ll find the vaunted vintage hidden from would-be thieves.

Murder on Eridanos How to Get Spectrum Gatling

Once you have every Spectrum Vodka flavor, head back to the RR&DD facility and make your way to the room containing the Science Weapon. Then, interact with the terminal connected to its case. It should automatically register the different flavors in your inventory, and there should be an audio queue once it has.

After you hear the audio queue, select the option to open the Spectrum Gatling’s case. Exit out of the terminal, and then interact with the Gatling to take what is arguably the best Murder on Eridanos weapon as your own.

What the Spectrum Gatling Does in Murder on Eridanos

As for what the Spectrum Gatling does, it’s rather unique.

Every shot it fires carries a different elemental affinity to it. This means that in the span of one volley of bullets, you can afflict your enemies with Physical, Shock, Plasma, Corrosion and N-Ray damage, ensuring you target their weakness.

This can be especially useful in the later sections of the game, where you might find yourself pitted against insectoid, human and robotic enemies in fairly quick succession.

Hopefully this cleared up how to get the Spectrum Gatling in The Outer Worlds’ Murder on Eridanos DLC. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki. It has guides on other topics like who you should give the Spectrum Original to and whether or not you can accuse different suspects.

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