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Warframe patch includes Corpus Proxima & New Railjack Update

At the start of the month, Digital Extremes gave Warframe fans plenty to chew on. The development team provided us with details about TennoCon 2021, as well as the upcoming updates that would be a substantial overhaul of things that we are currently used to in Warframe. One of those key areas is how ship-to-ship space combat would work. With the Railjack gaining more importance, there was work to be done to make it even better. Now, players can experience what the team has in mind with the official arrival of Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack update 29.10.0 for Warframe that entirely overhauls the space combat.

For any returning players, the whole idea of the Railjack is going to feel markedly different. Digital Extremes has gone under the hood and made some much-needed tweaks and changes. The result is a more streamlined and user-friendly system that makes things much clearer.

Considering how much of a hassle it was when it came to the Railjack, this is a good move to win over the players.

Your time needed to grind for materials to build your Railjack in Warframe is now significantly reduced. You can even buy one straight from the market by using Platinum, the game’s premium currency. Gone are the days of Avionics, as Railjack mods take to the stage.

Refining the entire experience

Instead of making the Railjack overly complicated, the customization is now on the player. Each Tenno will have its own Plexus, which will house all your mods. Battle and Tactical mods will remain as they are, while Integrated mods are built for personalization. This way, you can be sure you do not need to always be looking at Railjacks to get what you want. You can still benefit from your personal mods, while Aura mods give a nice boost to the Railjack and teammates.

Matchmaking in Warframe following the Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack update will also be much better. Players can jump straight into missions, and if you cannot get a full crew together, there are now AI NPCs that can help fill the gaps. Players can invest the time and effort in recruiting them, as well as upgrade them for tougher missions. This is all possible with the new Command Intrinsic.

Warframe Makes Over Space Combat In New Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack Update (2)

The changes to the Railjack, as well as multiple other areas, should transform Warframe into a more palatable affair. New missions involving the Corpus faction have also been added. Players can attempt new Railjack missions on three new planets as well. Expect stiff resistance from new enemies, and enjoy different mission types.

All of this hard work is to prepare Warframe for the next stage of the game’s life. Call of the Tempestarii will bring about the new Sevagoth Warframe, invite a new big bad into the game, and give players more Railjack experiences to talk about. However, before all that, you will have a lot to go through with the Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack update for Warframe. You can find the full list of changes being made on the official forums.

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