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How to ping in Wild Rift? – Expert Game Reviews

Such games as Wild Rift needs cooperation with teammates. It is good if you can speak with them in voice but sometimes it is important to know how to ping on the map to let them know what’s happening there. If you didn’t know how to ping in Wild Rift this post will help you know that.

What pings does Wild Rift have?

There are several and the most important of them. They will let you warn other players about danger or make it easier to cooperate with them.

When you use one of them your teammates will see one of the pings from above in accordance with situation.

How to use pings?

By default, you will see ping buttons in the top right corner of your screen. If you tap on it once the ping will appear above your champion. But if you want to use then in a specific place on the map you need to tap and hold it. This action will cause the minimap to appear, drag your finger to the needed space on it and the ping will appear there.

If you need to cancel the ping, just drag your finger beyond the borders of the minimap and it will disappear.

Pings can be seen only by your team members and if you want to see who has pinged recently just look it up in the chat. Also, all pings will come with specific sounds and you will learn them in no time.

Of course, it is important to use pings but don’t abuse or spam with them. If you ping too many times in a row pings will be temporarily banned for you. When the icon of pings is back to normal you will be able to ping again.

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