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Overwatch League Announces Viewer Experience Improvements for 2021 Season – The Esports Observer

The Overwatch League has announced that it has implemented a slew of improvements to enhance the viewing experience heading into the 2021 season. Among those enhancements will be the ability to earn reward points, watch events in 4K definition, and the ability to watch matches live or on-demand while being able to clip your favorite moments. Additionally, viewers will now be able to see players with a new “always-on” player camera and will be able to watch a selection of encore matches as replays. Lastly, the league has instituted a new match scores ticker and a spoiler-free mode that allows fans to hide match results on the scores ticker, schedule, and standings sections.

Starting with the Overwatch League Flash Ops Experimental Card Tournament broadcast that can be watched from March 27-28 and then continuing throughout the rest of the 2021 season, viewers will be able to watch live matches and earn rewards directly on the Overwatch League YouTube channel as well as on overwatchleague.com and the Overwatch League mobile app. 

In order to participate, fans can create a Blizzard account and link it with their YouTube account to start enjoying the Overwatch League Perks by T-Mobile. For the upcoming season, fans will be able to earn League Tokens to use on a wider selection of Overwatch League skins and sprays—including two new Legendary skins going on sale tomorrow, a custom Opening Week spray designed by Soe Gschwind, and more.

Viewers will now be able to watch the Overwatch League in 4K definition as well. Both Live and on-demand 4K matches will be made available on the league’s YouTube channel, website, and the mobile app.

Another new addition in improving the viewer experience for OWL fans is that now all Overwatch League matches—whether live or on demand—on the league’s YouTube channel will feature clip functionality. This now allows viewers to clip and share scenes of up to 60 seconds of video.

Fans will now be able to watch their favorite players with the new “always on” cameras that will be used for players. The camera setups will allow fans to see more live shots of all the players competing—generally when the broadcast is observing an individual player in first-person.

The league has designated 24 matches featuring the New York Excelsior, Philadelphia Fusion, and Los Angeles Valiant as Encore matches. Encore matches will be shown at different replay times allowing viewers to watch matches at more convenient times..

All Encore broadcasts will begin at 9:30 a.m. PT and lead into Watchpoint for that day’s West region schedule.

Lastly, the league will be adding a new match scores ticker–and a spoiler-free mode– that allows fans to hide match results on the scores ticker, schedule, and standings sections until they are ready to see the results.

The scores ticker and spoiler-free mode is scheduled to launch at the start of the Overwatch League season on April 16.

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