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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Great Baggi

Great Baggi in Monster Hunter Rise is a bird wyvern creature that can surprise you with their poison attacks and attack you without a moment’s notice, while the monster isn’t that difficult to take down things can turn awkward if you’re stuck in a group. If you wish to know how to defeat the Great Baggi in Monster Hunter Rise, make sure to check out this guide.

How To Defeat Great Baggi In Monster Hunter Rise

To defeat the Great Baggi in Monster Hunter Rise, use fire-based weapons to cause the most damage. The Great Baggi usually hunt in groups, so ensure that you’re able to isolate yourself with a single creature and not take on the entire group. Knowing its attack patterns and countering it will help you defeat them easily in Monster Hunter Rise.

To beat the Great Baggi in Monster Hunter Rise use fire-based weapons

The Great Baggi specializes in using venom that will put you to sleep, when hit with this attack your character will start to fall asleep after a few seconds. While the attack motion is easy to understand, we recommend that you either roll out of danger or use the Wirebug to change your direction.

Other attacks like the tail whip and lunge will cause minimal damage and you should not be much bothered by it, but if you see the Great Baggi change at you by jumping, it is recommended that you get out of its path. There’s a chance that smaller Baggi will join the fight, take them out first.

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Having a single target to attack will help you to land your combos much better and with precision. The Great Baggi cannot fight for an extended amount of time, so it is recommended that you pack few consumables and energy drinks to replenish your vitals.

If you happen to get hit by the venom, ensure that you have an energy drink or someone who can melee attack you to break the effect of the poison. Keep attacking the Great Baggi and soon you will be able to take it down, this is all there is to know about how to defeat Great Baggi in Monster Hunter Rise.

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