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How to find Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds are rare in Minecraft, and in this guide, I am going to help you with finding the resource. You will need an Iron Pickaxe or a better tool to get this thing out of the ground. Diamonds are the most important resource to craft the best weapons in Minecraft. Here is where you can dig Diamonds in Minecraft.

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

Minecraft Diamond Farming

One of the major goals of all players is to obtain diamonds as they are a key aspect of the game. Although there is a traditional way of strip mining to find diamonds but let’s be honest it is very tiring so, we have come up with a quicker method to Find Diamonds in Minecraft.

  1. Before starting the quest remember to carry a Diamond Picaxe, Gold Picaxe, Torches, and lots of water buckets which will help you get over Lava.
  2. Start digging in wherever you are and while digging press F3. In the newly opened menu, you can check the level of digging. Keep on digging until reach Y level 11.
  3. While digging remember to dig both sides after leaving a gap of 2 blocks. This will help us to break into a lot of ground without breaking into Lava pits or mosh pits.
  4. Do switch on the subtitles as look for Lava popping noises and if you hear any dig towards it be careful and don’t dig too much or too fast. After reaching the Lava pit keep a bucket of water handy. Once got the Lava sound starts digging around the area this is where players are most probably going to find diamonds.

Even though there are some other ways of mining diamonds, this method is comparatively more effective and less time-consuming. Players can look for diamonds in chests also but one needs to be very lucky to find a diamond just lying around in a chest.

That’s all for this guide but do check our Minecraft Speedrun guide and Fireworks guide to blow up things or zoom through places.

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