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Age of Empires IV preview event includes juicy details and release window

As we continue to roll through April, we can expect gaming news to pick up towards the (usually) busy middle part of the year. For real-time strategy fans, this month is all the more important if you are looking for more Age of Empires IV news. Microsoft previously earmarked the fan event this month to share more information, and it’s here where we definitely got to preview some juicy bits of Age of Empires IV.

There was a bunch of stuff mentioned about the game at this event, including the fall 2021 release window targeted by the development team. If you are ready to unleash war upon the world, there’s even more to know as well.

Starting off, Age of Empires IV will feature eight different civilizations from the start. That is not a lot, considering the legacy of the RTS game. However, it is likely that we will see more civilizations added post-launch as DLC. The Age of Empires IV preview showcased the Delhi Sultanate, the Chinese, the English, and there were also mentions of the nomadic Mongols.

Unlike games that may pursue a more symmetrical approach to things, Age of Empires IV is doing things a little differently Diversity is the name of the game, with each civilization bringing its own flavor to the battlefield.

Unique flair

For example, the English are more geared towards causing area-of-effect damage. The Mongols, on the other hand, can easily pack up their main operations and move somewhere else. They also cannot build walls. However, the core mechanics of different units being stronger against others remain. Players will never be at an unfair advantage.

The preview also pointed out that Age of Empires IV will have four different campaigns. The confirmed one is the Norman campaign, which will focus on William the Conqueror and his descendants.

No longer will one historical figure be the main focus. Age of Empires IV is more about generations of people. The game will also be presented in a more documentary style.

Creative Director Adam Isgreen also shared that the game will be accompanied by over three hours of additional footage. There is plenty of live footage being used in conjunction with the gameplay to make things come alive in Age of Empires IV. Hopefully, it can embed more historical context into your ongoing wars.


That is not all we saw at the Age of Empires IV preview. Relic Entertainment has confirmed that we will see four ages in the game. Players will lead their civilizations through the Dark Age, the Feudal Age, the Castle Age, and the Imperial Age. The architecture will evolve with each age, as we already know, but there is something more.

The language used by your units will also change with time. Old English will eventually lead to more Shakespearian English. The development team is trying its best to make Age of Empires IV as authentic as possible, and that is cool to see.

Age Of Empires Iv Fan Event Preview Drops Juicy Details (3)

Battlefields are fully 3D, and players can look forward to procedural generation to add more variety. It is likely that you will see a larger-scale experience than before.

We only have until fall of this year before Age of Empires IV releases — fingers crossed that there are no more delays.

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