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Xbox Series X restock date: Best Buy, Walmart and GameStop – when and where to buy it

The Best Buy Xbox Series X restock time hasn’t happened today, April 16, and we’re now three weeks without the biggest electronics retailer in the US having a next-gen console restock. We’re well outside of the restock time window of 12pm to 3:15pm EDT. Could it still happen? As unlikely as it is, Matt Swider, our Xbox restock Twitter tracker, will tweet it out and send you an alert when the Xbox Series X is in stock – if you follow his account.

To get advance notice, follow Matt Swider, our Xbox restock tracker:

Our Xbox Series X restock alerts look like this (for example):

(Image credit: Future)

The Best Buy Xbox Series X restock date was thought be today, April 16. However, the Target Xbox restock date may be next in the new week, along with Antonline, according to Matt Swider, our Xbox restock Twitter tracker. He’ll send a Twitter alert when the console is available to buy.

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