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Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum Mechanics Guide – Expert Game Reviews

The new league has started in Path of Exile and it brought a lot of fun. If you liked Ritual league you will like Ultimatum even more. It is dynamic interesting and not hard for understanding but also it brings a lot of rewards. Read more details in Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum Mechanics Guide below.

Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum – Best League Starter Builds

The Trials of Chaos

You will see Ultimatum encounters in every zone, a little icon on the minimap will tell you when you approach them. Trialmaster will ask you to chose the first condition for your trial among three options. You will see what to expect. Some of them will summon untargetable totems that deal some type of elemental damage. Others will strengthen monsters or change fail conditions. It is important to remember that some options will make it possible to fail the trial even if you don’t die, so read all the conditions carefully.

You will see the first reward if you succeed in the first trial. Under it there is main task. As you can see you’ll need to defeat waves of enemies here. That means that when you begin the trial you’ll need to kill a certain amount of enemies to succeed, you’ll see the line that ought to be filled. Some trials will require to survive for the certain period of time, or to complete other objectives if you activate the certain condition.

Ultimatum League Conditions

After you complete the first encounter, you’ll see the next reward. You can risk the first reward to get both. But you will need to activate another condition. Some of them will level up the first one, others can put debuffs on you. Be careful as you choose.

Ultimatum League Choice

You can take reward and go if you don’t like to take the risk, but in the beginning of the game it is better to risk it all. If you die you don’t lose XP, but if you succeed you can get some great rewards. The difficulty of the trial and its rewards depend on zone level, so you will meet stronger foes in every following encounter, but if you get some good items from Ultimatum it will be easier to clear the next one.

PoE Ultimatum Fight

You will fight in the bloody circle, which unlike Ritual league can be crossed, but if you stay outside the circle for more than 5 seconds you’ll fail the trial. Use this opportunity only if you see that you lose anyway, but dying is not the option, so you just cancel it and fail.

You can also, use the Trials of Chaos in end game on maps. We will update this information later. Meanwhile, you can enjoy playing Path of Exile Ultimatum League yourself.

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