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Where to Get Sweet Flowers & What They’re For


There are tons of materials and items to collect all across Genshin Impact’s map. Those materials include many different kinds of flowers that can be used for character upgrades, cooking, and more. Here’s where to get Sweet Flowers in Genshin Impact and what they’re for.

Where to Get Sweet Flowers in Genshin Impact & What They’re For

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Sweet Flowers are small yellow flowers that are mostly found in the Mondstadt region, to the right of the major city. You’ll find them if you search at Starfell Lake, Dawn Winery, and between Whispering Woods and Windrise. Search at the green points shown on the map above.

The flowers will be in bunches near each other on the ground. Simply press Square on PlayStation or F on PC to pick them up off the ground.

Using Sweet Flowers For Recipes

Genshin Impact Sweet Flower Recipe

One main use for Sweet Flowers is to cook food items to buff or heal your party. For example, Sweet Madame can be made using Sweet Flowers and Fowl.

The dish restores HP, so it’s a good one to cook multiple times, just in case you get into a tough spot while in combat.

Using Sweet Flowers For Commissions

Genshin Impact Sweet Flower Liben

Sweet Flowers are also used for some of Genshin Impact’s commissions. The mysterious traveler, Liben, is back with his Marvelous Merchandise event commissions for a limited time. He’ll provide daily Box o’ Marvels rewards for players who can bring him the items that he lists each day.

Sweet Flowers are one of those items, so use them to earn Primogems, upgrade materials, and more useful items.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Sweet Flowers in Genshin Impact and what they’re used for. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks for the game, you can check out our guide wiki. You can also check out the related articles below for even more Genshin Impact content.

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