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An Oculus Quest Pro is still far away as the Quest 2 remains a star

When it comes to the virtual reality gaming space, the value of Oculus Quest 2 as a headset and experience is incredible. The low costs, its capabilities, and improving features like Air Link and a 120Hz refresh rate make it the total package. Plus, you will get to play Resident Evil 4 VR on it. However, it would not be the gaming industry without everyone asking what is coming next. For now, it is clear that the Oculus Quest 2 is here to stay, with an Oculus Quest Pro as more something for the future.

Taking to Twitter for a question and answer session, Oculus Vice President Andrew Bosworth and Consulting Technical Officer John Carmack were on hand to discuss details with fans and users. If you check out the transcription of the session by UploadVR, there is some important information we can glean from it.

The team is very much focused on the Oculus Quest 2. A Quest 3 is not something the company has in mind just yet. However, before that even happens, an Oculus Quest Pro would be the first thing on the agenda. Bosworth stated that it will take some time, and we will not be seeing an Oculus Quest Pro this year.

For users who are enjoying their Oculus Quest 2, this is great news. You are already experiencing the best the company has to offer as a portable solution. That is a reality that is not changing soon.

A high bar

Of course, that will likely change once we get our hands on the Oculus Quest Pro, whenever that may be. For now, we have a great thing going on with the Oculus Quest 2. Being untethered is an awesome way to play VR titles, and it does not cost a bomb. Furthermore, like the aforementioned improvements, things are only going to get better over time.

If you want the Oculus Quest Pro to revolutionize the industry once more, you should be rooting for the Oculus Quest 2. The better it is, the more the new headset will have to improve to be considered an upgrade. It is a win for all of us in the end.

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