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Annapurna Interactive’s Complete iOS Catalogue Including ‘If Found…’, ‘Donut County’, ‘The Unfinished Swan’, and More Discounted for a Limited Time – TouchArcade

Every few months, Annapurna Interactive discounts a game or two on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and more but we sometimes get a huge sale where every single game from the publisher gets a nice discount on iOS. While Annapurna Interactive has been bringing more games to consoles and PC platforms, I still am glad that some of the games are still coming day and date to mobile platforms either through standalone releases or Apple Arcade. Barring bringing some PlayStation classics like the recently released The Unfinished Swan ($2.99) to great mobile experiences in general like Florence ($0.99). If you’ve not played a single game published by Annapurna Interactive on iOS, there are quite a few good starting options with interactive and amazing stories like If Found… ($2.99) and the absolutely essential (on any platform) Donut County ($1.99). Watch a trailer for it below:

The full list of games discounted right now from Annapurna Interactive on iOS is below:

Hopefully the next time I post about Annapurna Interactive’s catalogue being discounted, the list has increased with a few newer releases. The current sale is live until May 3rd on iOS and Sam Barlow’s Telling Lies is at its lowest price yet. What is your favourite Annapurna Interactive game and what do you hope the company brings to iOS next after Hindsight?

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