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Bitkraft partners with Delphi Digital to invest into blockchain games | Pocket Gamer.biz

Gaming VC outfit Bitkraft Ventures has announced a strategic partnership with blockchain advisory firm Delphi Digital.

Bitkraft recently hired blockchain gaming expert Piers Kicks to expand its capabilities in this new sector.

It raised $165 million to invest in games, notably esports, in mid 2020.

Together Bitkraft and Delphi Digital hope to identify the most exciting companies at the intersection of blockchain and gaming.

Better together

“The huge impact of blockchain technology on the games and digital entertainment space is starting to emerge as we speak and Bitkraft aims to play a significant role in it,” commented Jens Hilgers, its founding partner.

“With this strategic partnership, we intend to expand our best-in-class portfolio support capabilities and be smarter and faster when it comes to identifying great entrepreneurs and ideas in the intersection of crypto and gaming.

The news follows Play Ventures announcement that’s launching a specific blockchain gaming fund, and Sega and Hasbro revealing they will be launching NFTs in the future.

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