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IronSource launches Supersonic Graduate Program to help hypercasual devs se | Pocket Gamer.biz

IronSourcehas launched its Supersonic Graduates Program to help hypercasual game developers already using its Supersonic publishing arm to go independent.

The Supersonic Graduate Program supports developers who are weak financially or in terms of in-operationalexpertise to scale their games independently and publish their games under their own name.

Participating entities will get extensive training on user acquisition, monetisation strategy and execution, and access to the full suite of solutions on the IronSource platform.

The next step

“While some developers are fully focused on creating great content and are looking to outsource their commercial operations to a publisher, for many, publishing is just a stepping stone, and the long-term goal is to build a successful, independent game company,” commented IronSource CRO Omer Kaplan.

“That’s why we’re proud to launch the Supersonic Graduate Program, so that any developer who publishes with Supersonic is empowered in every way possible to fulfil their dream of building a successful game company of their own.”

To qualify for the program, the entity must be having proof of successful game development along with an internal team and infrastructure to be trained properly.

You can find out more about Supersonic via its website. 

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