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Hyper Roll Tiers and Ranking System – Expert Game Reviews

Hyper Roll is a new game mode in Teamfight Tactics. It is quicker and more dynamic. You can read more details about it in our previous post New Quick Mode in TFT: Hyper Roll. There you will learn more about Hyper Roll gameplay and the differences between Hyper Roll and TFT. In this post, we want to tell you more about Hyper Roll tiers and ranking system.

First of all, there is no way to pick an unranked game in Hyper Roll, all players by default play in a competitive mode. But tiers are different and rewards are separated from Teamfight Tactics. So how does the ranking system in Hyper Roll work?

There are five different tiers. In Hyper Roll they are marked by different colours. After your first game, you will get 500 points and will start your journey from the Grey tier. But what are the other Hyper Roll tiers? We answer below.

Hyper Roll Ranked Tiers List

As we have already mentioned there are five of them and you start climbing the ladder from the Grey tier. But How many points do you need to move higher in Hyper Roll? Read below.

  • Grey tier – 0 points
  • Green tier – 1,400 points
  • Blue tier – 2,600 points
  • Purple tier – 3,400 points
  • Hyper tier – 4,200 points

To climb the ladder you need to finish the game at least 4th. But some matches can give you 0 points even for placing 4th. So if you want to get higher always try to get to the top 3. Naturally, you will lose points for placing under 4th place.

Hyper Roll Ranking System

Belo you can see the main differences between TFT and Hyper Roll ranked systems:

  • Hyper Roll and other labs have their own Ranked system. It uses grey, green, blue, purple and hyper tiers instead of the standard Iron to Challenger tiers. We have mentioned all of that above.
  • Players will get Ranked rewards based on the highest rating they achieve at each stage, starting at the blue tier. Hyper Roll will have its own separate ranked rewards at the end of the set.
  • Hyper Roll grants a flat 50 XP per game, but players will be able to complete missions for XP in Hyper Roll.

As for the rewards for Hyper Roll. No need to worry if you lose your rank tier the only thing you need to do is to get to blue tier. That’s the lowest rank that gives you rewards. Of course, you can climb as high as you want and getter a better reward. But the main point here is that you are guaranteed to receive the reward for the highest tier that you have managed to get to – even if you later take a plunge.

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