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WoW Burning Crusade Classic Tranquillien Faction Reputation Guide – Expert Game Reviews

The Burning Crusade expansion brought two new races to the World of Warcraft. One of them is Blood Elves settled in the Eastern Kingdoms with a starting location called Eversong Woods. They have a deep history related to the fight with Forsaken and Lich King. Under the Eversong Woods, there is a location called Ghostlands where Scourge still holds the land. It is there you’ll find Tranquillien faction who fight for what they think is theirs. Only Horde characters can gain a reputation with them.

WoW Burning Crusade Classic Reputation and Factions List

Tranquillien Reputation Rewards

Every reputation in WoW TBC Classic is worth farming as every faction gives special rewards for becoming Revered or Exalted with them. Below you can see the table with standings explanations.

The highest level with sweet rewards (mounts, tabards, epic items)

This level is required to get access to TBC dungeons.

10% discount on items from their vendors.

Starting standing for factions of allied cities.

Starting standing for general factions.

Unable to buy, sell or interact with members.

Kill on sight. Enemy city and PvP factions are set to this permanently.

Starting from Friendly you will unlock reputation rewards from Tranquillien faction. You can buy them from Quartermaster Provisioner Vredigar (Forsaken) at Tranquillien in Ghostlands. At first you will see green boots and a two-handed sword.

When you reach Honored you will also unlock green belts.

At Revered you’ll find some new green chest armor.

The best reward you’ll see when you become Exalted with Tranquillien faction and it is blue quality Tranquillien Champion’s Cloak. You cannot buy it but it will drop from Celebras the Cursed if you have enough reputation points.

How to gain reputation with Tranquillien faction?

As for Tranquillien faction it is easy to gain reputation with them as everything you need to do is complete quests in Ghostlands. It is a low-level zone that you can farm from level 10 to level 20. If you start as a Blood Elf you will get to Ghostlands after completing all quests in Eversong Woods.

There are a variety of quests mostly concerning reclaiming overrun villages, investigating undead and helping around. The “end” of the quest-revealed lore surrounding Tranquillien culminates with the quest to kill Dar’Khan Drathir. It will take you around 10 levels to reach exalted with Tranquillien, which is easy and fast enough.

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