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The Humble Best of Bandai Namco Bundle is now available

It’s kind of hard to keep track of all of Humble’s bundles, but the meatier ones tend to shine through. Now you can purchase the Humble Best of Bandai-Namco Bundle and get a handful of great games for a low-ish price. Some of these have been headliners in past Humble Monthlies, but if you missed those, then this is a great chance to grab them again. As always, there are three tiers, each with its own set of games. No, there’s no Soul Calibur VI, so you probably missed your chance on that one.

First up, there’s the $1 USD tier. There’s only a single game included in this one, Pac-Man 256, which has multiplayer if you’ve ever wanted to eat pellets in a maze with friends. Next, while there would usually be the ‘beat the average tier,’ where customers would dictate how much the tier costs, the second tier is $12 USD flat. It includes three great games, though: Tekken 7Tales of Berseria, and Katamari Damacy Reroll. I’m fairly certain all three of those have been Humble Monthly headliners, but it’s a undeniably a lot of bang for your buck if you break each down to $4 USD each. Berseria is probably my favorite game in that series, as well, so I highly recommend that one.

Humble Bandai Namco Bundle, on sale now

Finally, the third tier is $20 USD and comes with three more games. Namely, Tales of ZestiriaRAD, and Little Nightmare Complete Edition. I’m not as crazy about the third tier as these games just can’t quite compete with the ones in the previous tier. But all three are also good games, so an extra $8 USD isn’t bad at all if you want some more Bamco goodness to get you through the month. Overall, this is a solid bundle that’s well worth checking out.

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