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Display your power in Crusader Kings III: Royal Court expansion

Paradox Interactive revealed the first major expansion for Crusader Kings III today during PDXCon. Crusader Kings III: Royal Court will finally offer you a full throne room from which you rule over your domain. Your court will come with a variety of customization options, and include a new system which will allow you to wow your guests and rivals.

The throne room will be the seat of your power. You can decorate it with fancy fabrics and relics, all designed to display your majesty and impeccable taste — or otherwise, no doubt. As the ruler, your vassals and subjects will come to your throne room in their time of need. Rivals and guests show up for dinner parties, and perhaps some underhanded dealings. The teaser trailer that released alongside the news shows off a royal wedding, with many guests who clearly have a hidden agenda.

The Crusader Kings III: Royal Court expansion introduces the new gameplay mechanic of ‘Grandeur.’ This system is the carpet the ties everything together. Better food and decorations increases your Grandeur, allowing you to bring in “higher quality” guests.

Time to show off your decoration skills

Other than your ability to Hold Court and increase Grandeur, the expansion includes other features. Inspired People lets you bring in subjects with particular talents to work on various projects which will improve your court over time. Royal Court includes new options for cultures. Based on how you wish to rule your kingdom, you’ll be able to have multiple cultures in your realm, or split off from the one you currently employ. A new culture interface will come out alongside the Crusader Kings III expansion as a free update.

Paradox Interactive hasn’t yet mentioned when the expansion will arrive.

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