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Mobile’ Wild West Themed Season 4 “Spurned & Burned” Kicks Off this Week – TouchArcade

It’s just about time to kick off a new season in Call of Duty: Mobile, and the team at Activision and TiMi Studio has just taken the wraps off of what we can expect in terms of new content and features. And I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that there is A TON of stuff to look forward to in 2021’s Season 4, just as there has been during the previous 3 seasons this year. This latest season is Wild West themed and is titled Spurned & Burned, and as usual the developers have laid out all of the juicy details in a huge blog post over on the Call of Duty website. Three of the major highlights include a new multiplayer map called the Dome which originally appeared in Modern Warfare 3; a new Scorestreak item, the Hawk X3 remote controlled drone; and a new weapon in the form of the MK2 Marksman Rifle. Check out vids for these 3 things below.

Of course there is way more than that in Season 4. This includes a special new spin on an old favorite multiplayer mode called Capture the Gold, which is like Capture the Flag but when a gold carrier eliminates a player that downed player will drop useful power-ups to make your trek back to your base with your opponent’s gold a bit easier. Later in the season another new mode called 1v1 Duel will let you take on a single opponent to see who can reach 7 kills first to win a round and then see who can be the first to win 3 rounds. There’s also a new Heartbeat Sensor tactical item available at the start of the season in a Seasonal Challenge, and then a new LMG called the Holger 26 will arrive later in the season by way of another special event.

For glimpses of these new items as well as a whole bunch more information on Season 4, including details on the free and premium tiers of the new Battle Pass, hit up the official blog post and look for Spurned & Burned to officially kick off in Call of Duty: Mobile this Wednesday, May 26th at 5PM Pacific Time.

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