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RuneScape Battle of the Monolith: What’s it all about?

The most anticipated RuneScape update of 2021 is no doubt the Elder God Wars. Also known as God Wars Dungeon 3, it will release this year alongside several new bosses. Leading up to its release, Jagex has been releasing a series of quests into the popular MMORPG related to the Elder Gods lore. The latest addition is the Battle of the Monolith mini-quest which is now playable in RuneScape.

Over the course of the coming four weeks, this mini-quest will be expanded upon. The four stages will detail the ongoing battle for the mysterious monolith, a powerful Elder Artefact located near the Archaeology Guild. Presumably, the finale will lead into the release of the Elder God Wars itself.

Stage 1


  • Archaeology tutorial completed
  • Level 5 Archaeology

You can begin the RuneScape Battle of the Monolith mini-quest by speaking to either Ali the Wise or Wizard Trindy. Both can be found at the Archaeology campus, just west of the bank chest. After a short conversation discussing the issue at hand, the Elven goddess Seren will appear.

Seren wants your help in defending the mysterious monolith from the invading Zarosian forces. She places you in charge of her military with her and Saradomin’s three most powerful allies all in attendance: Commander Zilyana, Helwyr, and Thaerisk Cemphier.

Runescape Battle of The Monolith Stage 1

Similarly to the Desperate Measures quest, this stage plays out like a tower defense game. The barricades need to be protected as letting them fall will fail the quest. The best strategy is to place all three units next to the barricade. This will maximize the chance of their area of effect special attacks hitting multiple enemies at once. Placing Helwyr slightly ahead of the other two can be beneficial to get the most out of his poison mushroom attack.

The waves do not require any input from the player. Manually tagging enemies will speed up the quest but it’s possible to complete all three waves without using a single attack. Be aware that deaths here are not safe so bringing some emergency food can be useful. The reward for completing Stage 1 of the Battle of the Monolith is a one-hour 10% experience boost that applies to all RuneScape skills. This boost can stack for up to three hours by completing multiple runs. However, ironmen are not eligible for this experience boost.

This article will continue to be updated as the other stages are released in the coming weeks.

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